Vietnamese visrubry pig


Bred in Asia, the Vietnamese visually blasted pig quickly spread due to its quality characteristics. The peculiarities of the breed, its proper maintenance, feeding and breeding will be discussed in the article.

What are the features of the breed?

The Vietnamese visrubry pig has many qualities due to which it is so popular all over the world.

  • The breed has excellent health. Diseases are rare and most often quickly treated. Some diseases inherent in other species of pigs, they do not get sick at all, therefore, vaccination is necessary partial, but not complete. Simple ailments are treated with folk remedies.
  • Pig meat is tender, juicy, much tastier than some other breeds of pigs. In some countries, it is considered delicious! The thickness of the fat does not exceed 5 cm, it also has a very pleasant taste, it does not taste bitter.
  • The character of the breed is calm. They are slow, docile, do not make noise.

The disadvantages of the visrublast Vietnamese pig include only two things.

  • With an increase in the amount of feed goes only an increase in fat, there will be no more meat.
  • In feeding, control is necessary so as not to provoke obesity.

What are the features of maintenance and care?

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Walking Vietnamese vislobrew pig

Due to the fact that they quickly adapt to any climate, conditions of detention and temperature, they are simply diluted in almost every corner of the world. What is necessary for the maintenance and care of the Vietnamese viscosebird pig?

  • The place for the content can be chosen low, but preferably spacious, although in principle they do not take up much space. Even a large brood fit in a small barn.
  • Arrangement pigsty should be special. It is better to make walls of stone or concrete blocks so that they are not blown through in winter. The floor, where the animals sleep, is laid out with wooden planks so that the visually blasted Vietnamese pig does not catch a cold, and the rest of the shed's floor is best made concrete, as the pigs dig the ground.
  • If space allows, you can make a barn with paddocks, which contain 2 individuals or a female with cubs. Such pens easier to warm and equip.
  • There should be no drafts in the place of detention, but ventilation must be done. Fresh air breed is needed.
  • Heating is not required only in warm regions. The breed tolerates cold, but after giving birth, females and their young become sensitive to low temperatures. Keeping them at zero or minus temperatures is destructive. Therefore, in the pigsty you need to equip the stove, batteries or something like that.
  • The breed is different cleanliness. Where they rest, it will always be clean, because they simply do not go there. So the doss house needs to be cleaned less often - once a week or less.
  • In the summer, pigs love to walk, so walking in front of the pigsty. This is a great place with land, greens and logs that pigs can scratch their backs about.

How to feed a viscosebird?

Feeding a Vietnamese bastard pig

Unlike many types of pigs, the Vietnamese breed is vislobryushaya - may differ in fastidiousness in the diet. Shelter is not attracted by weeds in a pen, poisonous grass, or food outside the feeder. They may refuse to feed poor quality. In this case, they eat little, so worry about the costs will not have to.

Most of the diet of the Vietnamese vislobrewy pig is a juicy food: greens, trimming vegetables and fruits. Nutrition includes apples, pears, zucchini, pumpkin, carrots, sugar beets. In winter, hay is introduced instead of green. In addition, in the diet should be specialized mixtures sold in pet stores. There are always a lot of minerals and vitamins in their composition, so it’s better not to consider options for cheap or low quality. If you already have experience in breeding, you can make them yourself from oats, peas, barley, feed. These mixtures are mixed in a mix of greens and vegetables. It is not recommended to give corn, as pigs grow fat from it.

Introduction of feeding for piglets

Animals are fed 2 times a day in summer and 3 times a day - in winter. Vegetables are made from greens and vegetables, and the grain is mixed, ground and boiled. Learn porridge, which is diluted and mash. For nutritional value, you can add fish oil to your diet. A pig should eat no more than 700 grams of food per day.

How to breed Vietnamese low-fat pigs?

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Vietnamese vislobryushaya pig has a high precocity. The females are ready for mating as early as 4 months, and the males at 6 months, but the weight of the female must be at least 30 kg, otherwise the pregnancy will adversely affect the health of the pig!

For mating, individuals that are not in close kinship are taken, only in this case can healthy piglets be obtained. If they are not available, you will have to buy a boar or find a suitable individual from familiar farmers. For farrowing the male is hooked for 1 day. Prior to this, the pen is carefully removed. Before mating, the female will rush around the pen, there may be atypical discharge, swelling of the genital organs.

Pregnancy of the Vietnamese pig lasts 120 days. During this period, the female is additionally fed with vitamins and minerals, which are prescribed by a veterinarian. Before giving birth, the female can completely refuse to eat, this is normal. She will also experience breast swelling and colostrum secretion.

Breeding of the Vietnamese vislobrew pig

In principle, the female herself gives birth, but the process must be closely monitored in order to help if necessary. Therefore, it is recommended on this day to bring a specialized veterinarian. In the first hours after giving birth, the piglets should be kept warm, and the feed should be as dry as possible, if possible. The breed features include the maternal instinct of females. The sow of the visrubury pig treats the piglets with care, gives them a lot of attention, which makes them easier to care for. As for the milk, that they have high performance, so additional feeding is not required, except that a little green in the summer and hay in the winter. Their porridges are poorly digested.

In 2.5-3 months, the piglets are taken away from the mother and deposited in a separate pen. Of the additional vitamins, they can be made unless injections of iron preparations and that is not necessary. Food from this age does not differ from the diet of an adult individual.