What to feed the chickens


The poultry farmer must necessarily know what to feed the chickens from the first days of life, because nutrition is an extremely important factor for not yet mature chicks. Almost immediately after hatching, chickens begin to look for food and try to peck; the faster they find food, the more likely they will get stronger quickly and be in good health. That is why immediately after the chicks dry out, they should pour a small amount of corn grits, which is small enough for them and does not require additional grinding and processing.

What to feed daily chickens?

When the day passes after hatching, the diet of the chickens should become more diverse. The list of products suitable for day-old chicks includes:

  • Corn
  • Yachka
  • Semolina
  • Wheat groats
  • Oatmeal (finely ground)
  • Millet
  • Cottage cheese

How to feed day-old chicks

Knowing how to feed the chickens from the first days of life, it is necessary to remember about the feeding schedule, feed the chickens often (with an interval of two hours) and in small portions so that the chicks do not scatter the cereal. Leftovers should be immediately removed and rinsed. Be sure to remember about the presence of clean water in drinking bowls. It is very useful for chickens to add kefir or fresh whey to the diet, which can be poured into pots instead of water.

Approximately on the third day you can start adding greens to the diet. Chicks will taste like wets, plantain leaves, dandelion, as well as clover and slightly dried nettle. Everyone has heard about the benefits of onion feathers for poultry, but it is desirable to introduce this component into the diet from the fifth day of life of the chicks. Green onions have a beneficial effect on the digestive system and reduces the risk of intestinal diseases.

Can chickens give boiled eggs?

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Can chickens give boiled eggs?

For a long time, the poultry farmers have divided into two camps: some believe that a boiled ground yolk is simply necessary for the chickens from the first days of life, others believe that it is useless and even junk food. And yet, thinking about the question of how to feed chickens from the first days of life at home, you should pay attention to scientific research.

Veterinarians are of the opinion that a boiled egg has more disadvantages than advantages:

  • Favors the development of pathogenic microflora in the intestine
  • Big fat
  • Too "gentle" texture, does not have a stimulating effect on the muscles of the stomach.

But this does not mean that it is worth to give up this product altogether, it is simply worth giving it in a limited quantity and only after the chicks have reached a few days of life.

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What to feed weekly chicks?

Ready feed for chickens

Weekly chicks no longer need feeding too often, reducing the number of meals to about 5-6 times. The basis of the diet continues to make a mixture of cereals. There are still products that can be added to the diet and how you can feed the chickens in the first days of life at home:

  • Cooked cereals
  • Wet mash
  • Mineral supplements (chalk, shell)

Considering that the number of feedings per day has decreased, it is necessary to increase the amount of food given. Attention should be paid to whether there are enough chickens' feeders and drinkers: if there is too much chickens around one drinker or feeder, they will interfere with each other, jostle and perhaps someone will not be able to eat at all.

Chicken mixer

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Chicken mixer

It is very useful for chickens to have wet mash in the ration, and besides it is beneficial for the poultry farmer financially. The fact is that in the mash you can add some household waste, for example, uneaten porridge or boiled potato peel.

Blender - a mixture of grain, waste, vegetables, herbs, which are steamed with water or broth. In the mash can add meat and bone meal or fish meal. Vegetables are usually boiled and chopped or pounded, such as pumpkin, carrot, potato, beet can be used.

It is convenient to add mineral dressings to the mash, such as shell rock and chalk. You can also dry and chop or grind the egg shells, you get a very useful product for the chickens. But you need to make sure that the mash does not lie around for too long in the feeders, as it tends to quickly become unusable. And sour or rotten food can lead to serious consequences.

What to feed the monthly chicks?

What to feed the monthly chicks

Finally, by the month the chickens had already fully strengthened and gained good weight. Such chickens can already walk quietly in the range and, therefore, the basis of the food is grass and other greens. Monthly chicks begin to give crushed grain, and from about one and a half months already solid, and also the greens can no longer be crushed. Grinded cereals can be completely removed from the diet.

At this age, mineral supplements and vitamins in food are very important. Some breeders prefer to feed the poultry feed, which is already enriched with all the necessary elements, then additional additives are simply not needed. As a rule, compound feeds have special age ranges, which are designed for each specific period of the bird's life. Of course, feeding with specialized feeds is more convenient in terms of saving time, but everyone has the right to choose himself.

At the age of one month, chickens are fed about three times a day. But the amount of feed given at once is increased. It should be noted that if a lot of feed remains in the feeder, then its amount is reduced.

With the right composition and diet, the bird will always have a healthy appearance, good appetite and excellent health.