How to plant eggplants for seedlings


The question of how to plant eggplants on seedlings correctly is given to each summer resident. This is due to the fact that eggplants are very demanding on growing conditions. Properly grown seedlings - a guarantee of good yields.

In order to get a good harvest of this vegetable, you need to comply with some requirements:

  1. Grow quality seedlings.
  2. Ensure soil fertility.
  3. Provide good lighting.
  4. Planting seedlings in open ground with stable warm weather.
  5. Observe the correct care of the plant.

How to choose seeds?

Preparing eggplant seeds for seedlings

In order to choose the right grade of eggplant, you need to take into account the climatic conditions. There are varieties that are well grown and bear fruit in a particular region.

When choosing, anyone may encounter the treated seeds:

  • granulated;
  • inlaid;
  • drafted.

Utensils for growing seedlings eggplant

This suggests that each grain is processed with special nutrient fertilizers that prevent possible plant diseases and stimulate rapid germination.

If seeds were purchased that did not respond to treatment, then this procedure will need to be done independently. This is done in order to eliminate the possibility of infection and reduce the likelihood of disease.

To do this, it will be enough to soak the grains in a solution of 1% potassium permanganate for 20 minutes. At the same time, one should seriously consider such a procedure in order not to overdo the seeds, otherwise they will get burned and nothing sensible will grow from them.

When to sow eggplant seeds for seedlings?

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How to prepare the soil for growing eggplant seedlings

It is not enough to know how to plant eggplants on seedlings. It is important to understand when to do this, in order not to waste time and energy, but to get the desired result.

Sowing time depends on the variety and climate of the region. For those who took up this case for the first time, as a hint, the information on the package with grains can serve.

The seedling is ready for planting in open ground for about 60 days. But at the same time, the constant temperature outside by this time should be at least + 20 °, and frost should be excluded at night.

In warm regions, sow eggplants in the first decade of March, and in cooler regions, at the end of March or in early April.

How to plant seeds for growing seedlings?

What to grow eggplant seedlings

The quality of seedlings directly depends on the quality of the purchased seeds. If good seeds are chosen, then you can safely begin sowing them. To do this, in order to properly plant eggplants on seedlings, you will need:

  • capacities for seedlings;
  • substrate;
  • warm water;
  • grains;
  • film;

The substrate is poured into the seedling container and moistened with warm water. In no case can the ground be compacted, otherwise its porosity decreases, and the seeds may grind. If you place the grains to a depth of more than 2 cm, then there is a risk that they will not germinate.

After the earth is moistened, you can start planting seeds. In the soil you need to make rivulets about 1 cm deep, not more. In them to place the seeds about every 2-3 mm. Sprinkle the ground on top, not deeply buried and not pressing down, and water again. When secondary watering should pay attention to the fact that the water jet does not wash the grain from the substrate.

After the seeds of eggplant are in the ground and poured with warm water, the containers should be covered with a film and placed for germination in a well-lit room where the air temperature is not lower than 25 ° C.

In the calm mode, eggplant seedlings remain until they germinate 1-1.5 cm above the ground. After this, the film is removed and the crucial moment begins, which consists in proper care.

How to care for seedlings?

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Stages of growing eggplant seedlings from seed

In order for the eggplant seedlings to develop properly and further pleased with a large crop, it should be easy to care for them at the time of growing in containers. For good growth seedlings need:

  • adhere to the correct temperature;
  • ensure adequate watering of plants;
  • in time and in the correct dosage to make dressing;
  • take care of enough light in the room where the shoots are contained;

The temperature regime for seedlings, which have already risen, must be lowered from 25 ° to 16 ° C. At this temperature, the air plants need to contain 7-10 days. After 10 days, it is necessary to artificially create conditions simulated by natural conditions, under which during the day the temperature will reach 27 °, and at night no more than 16 °. This approach hardens the plants and prepares for the effects of external factors. It is noticed that eggplant seedlings that were grown in such conditions are more resistant to stress and fertile.

As for watering, then you need to be an observer. As soon as it is noticed that the top layer of the earth dried up, it is necessary to water it. Watering the eggplant is carried out with warm settled water, the jet of which is directed under the plant root, or sprayed with a pulvilizer.

How to feed eggplant seedlings?

Fertilizers for growing eggplant seedlings

Feed eggplant seedlings, in the period of growing in containers, carried out twice. The first - with the advent of the first leaves, and the second - 10 days before planting in open ground. For fertilizer use organic fertilizers, or their special complex.

From purchased fertilizers, it will be better to take Plantafol or Masters feedings. To make a solution, it is necessary to dilute 10-15gr. drug per 10 liters of water.

With proper care of the seedlings, after 60 days they are fully ready for independent growth, development and fertility.