Vima strawberry variety


Wima is a series of strawberry varieties from the Dutch manufacturer "Vissers Aardbeiplanten". It includes such famous varieties as Rina, Zanta, Tarda, Xima and Kimberley. All of them are known for their high yields. Their berries have excellent qualities, and the bushes have a strong immunity. This article presents the Vima strawberry, its varieties and their characteristics.

Vima strawberry features

The company "Vissers Aardbeiplanten" has a good reputation. She specializes in breeding new types of strawberries since 1961. The plantations of this company are located in the south of the Netherlands, where light, sandy soil prevails, which is so fond of strawberries and strawberries.

The varieties of strawberries Wim, despite being combined into one group, have different genetics. Only Zanta and Tarda varieties are related. What is the peculiarity of strawberries in this group?

Flower stalks high

  • The mass of fruits reaches 40-60 g, and in rare cases, the berries grow to 100 g!
  • Productivity is high.
  • Bushes, as a rule, powerful, semi-sprawling or spreading.
  • Peduncles high.
  • Plants are resistant to cold, but not all varieties tolerate frost or extreme heat.
  • The taste of the berries is pleasant, sweet.

Otherwise, the characteristics of a Wima variety may differ significantly.

Important! Vita series strawberries must be replanted every 3-5 years. If the place of cultivation does not change, the yield will decrease.

Strawberry Wim Rin

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Photo strawberry Wima Rina (Vima Rina)

The variety Wim Rin was bred completely by chance, while pollination of the strawberry remontant strawberries. It is of mid-ripening type. Shrubs of this type are semi-sprawling, have many leaves. Leaves with pronounced ribs, light green. Mustache grow only in a small amount. Peduncles are on a par with the leaves. The buds are always white, medium in size.

Fruits grow to 45 g on average. They are in the form of a cone, with a distinguishable neck. The color is dark scarlet, the skin is glossy. The flesh is elastic, tender. The taste of strawberry is very pleasant, 4.8 points out of 5 possible, according to the evaluation of tasters. The aroma is strongly pronounced.

The variety of strawberries Wim Rin has a good resistance to frost and moderate drought tolerance. The yield from 1 bush per season reaches 800 g. Berries are suitable for long-term transportation, they have a universal purpose.

Description of the strawberry variety Vima Zanta

Photo of Wima Zanta strawberry

Wima Zanta’s strawberry is a variety derived from crossing Elsanta and Corona species. The ripening period is medium early. Bushes are vigorous, semi-sprawling. The leaves are slightly curved inward. The plant gives a lot of mustache. Peduncles pubescent, located at the level of the leaves, but as the berries grow and fill, they fall lower to the ground. Flowers are medium sized, white color.

Berries juicy, medium density. The shape is round, laterally flattened. The color is dark red, almost no shine. In taste and aroma there are distinguishable notes of strawberry. The berries easily break away from the stalks, there may be a cavity in the core, but this is most often observed if there was not enough watering during the ripening of the berries.

Strawberry variety Wima Zanta has a high yield. From a bush for a season about 800 g of a harvest gather. Resistance to drought is high, to frost - medium. The bushes are immune to gray rot, Fusarium, Verticillus. At the same time, this plant may be affected by powdery mildew. Harvest transportable, suitable for fresh use, freezing, preservation.

Strawberry Wim Tarda

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Photo strawberry Wim Tarda

The variety Wim Tarda was obtained by crossing the variety Wim Zant and Vikond. The term of maturation is the latest of all varieties of Wima. Bushes vigorous. There are a lot of leaves, they are dark green and shiny. Mustache is formed a lot, which is convenient for reproduction. Peduncles are located at the level of leaves or below. Flowers are white, medium in size.

The berries are large, without emptiness inside, rounded type. The color is dark cherry, glossy skin. The flesh is elastic, scarlet. The taste of the fruit is sweet, the aroma is delicate.

Interesting! Wima Tarda's strawberries can be stored for a long time due to the fact that the berries are elastic and do not contain voids inside. However, in taste, this variety is inferior to other varieties of Wima.

The yield varieties of strawberries varieties Wim Tarda - 600g / bush per season. Winter hardiness of the plant is high, drought resistance - medium. The plant has developed immunity to many diseases. Vintage suitable for long transportation. Appointment is universal.

Description of Wim Xima

Photos of Wima Xima strawberries

The Wim Xima strawberry variety was obtained by selecting and crossing random seedlings. And even though it is the most purebred species, it is by many characteristics the best in the Wima series. The ripening period is medium late. Bushes grow powerful, dense. The leaves are large, dark green. Antennae is formed a little. Peduncles are located above the leaves, they are quite dense, massive. The buds are white, medium size.

Berries weighing 60 g on average. They are cone-shaped or in the form of a ridge. Color is always red, saturated. The flesh is soft and sweet, but the juice does not let during the harvest. The taste is sweet, rich, the flavor is quite bright.

Important! It is Xima strawberry that is considered the best variety from the Wima series. Its berries are very large, and the taste is excellent.

The yield of strawberries Wima Xima - 750 g / bush on average. Resistance to frost, drought - high. Shrubs are immune to fungal diseases, but can be affected by gray mold with increasing humidity. Crop can be transported over short and medium distances. The use of berries is universal.

Wim Kimberly Strawberry Variety

Photo of Wim Kimberly's Strawberry

Kimberley strawberries were obtained by crossing Chandler and Gorella varieties. Species Kimberley has a mid-term ripening. Plants are massive, sprawling or semi-sprawling. The leaves are large, light green in color, without shine. The buds are white, bisexual. A mustache on a plant is produced on average.

Berries ripen almost simultaneously. Mass 35 g on average, scarlet color. Heart-shaped or conical, without neck. Pulp with high content of juice, without voids. The taste is sugar, with a barely perceptible acidity, tasting score of 4.8 points out of 5. The aroma is strong.

The yield of strawberries varieties Wim Kimberley 2 kg / bush per season. The bush is immune to powdery mildew. There is a high resistance to drought and frost. Vintage universal destination.

Reviews on a grade of strawberry Vima

Varieties from the Wim series are known to many farmers. Wim's strawberry can be used for cultivation, both on large plantations, and on small, private lands.

  • Roman Puzik: “Vima Zanta’s strawberry is good in all respects. Its main drawback is that the crop cannot be transported over long distances and hesitates on the road. Otherwise, the variety is very good. The berries are one-dimensional, large, they leave the fruit stem without any problems. with any kind of strawberry - a great harvest can be obtained only by investing a lot of time and effort. "
  • Maria Kulish: "The Xima variety has been selected according to the reviews and recommendations of friends. I have been growing this strawberry for more than 2 years. It pleases with great yields and rich sweet, juicy taste. For two years the bushes did not hurt anything, but 1-2 times a year I do preventive treatments with fungicides broad spectrum insecticides, this may be the case. "
  • Oksana Koroleva: “A year ago, I decided to update the strawberry field with a new variety. Randomly ordered the strawberry variety Wim Kimberly. The bushes grew quickly, for the summer heat and even deadwood for 3 weeks in July, reacted normally. The harvest was more than decent - the berries are big, tasty, beautiful , at least send to the exhibition! But for the winter I warm it, just in case, it would be too bad to lose such good bushes ".