How to milk a goat


Goats are useful farm animals, but they are often afraid to start because of the need for milking. It is clear that not everyone can milk a goat, but you can always learn - it is not so difficult! This article describes what procedures should be carried out before lambing and after, so that there is a lot of good milk. Details on how to milk a goat, what to do before and after the procedure, as well as some useful tips.

What to do before lambing

People who breed goats know that good milk can be obtained from an animal only after lambing. However, preparation for milking begins in about a month. Procedures before lambing will provide mastitis prophylaxis and train the goat to be comfortable with the procedure.

In principle, you can do with just one procedure - massaging the udder. This is necessary to increase milkiness and in order for the udder to be in good shape, disease, inflammation and so on do not start. Before the goat gave birth, it is done every day at the same time (when the goat will be milked in the future). Thus, the animal will get used to the hands of the breeder, will become obedient, calm.

Also, before lambing it doesn’t hurt to accustom the animal to washing the udder. This is a simple rule of hygiene that is required during milking, but not all animals treat him positively, so practice will benefit.

How to milk a goat after lambing

How to milk a goat after lambing

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After lambing, females need regular milking. In nature, all the goat's milk is drunk by the goat, but on farms, in order to facilitate the procedure, as well as, in order to collect all the milk as much as possible, goats are specially milked, even if the goats are not taken away from them.

The first milking is carried out 1.5 hours after the appearance of the baby. It is advisable to fix the animal during milking, although if the goat is calm and knows the owner well, this is not necessary. Milk obtained after milking is usually kept up to 3 days and then given to offspring from a bottle, although many breeders give fresh milk.

How many times a day a goat is milked

Young females, after lambing, are given about 4-5 times a day, at the same time. This technique not only allows you to fully produce all the milk, but also increases their productivity by 20%. After a week, you can start milking 3 times a day, and a month later - 2 times a day.

Interesting! Breeders on small farms are talking to a goat during milking. It is proved that the owner's voice calms the animal, it kicks less, resists and the whole process goes several times faster.

Not a small role in how many times milk a goat plays and the time of year. In winter they usually milk 2 times, and in summer 3 times a day. But in practice, breeders usually focus on the amount of milk. If a day is dialed up to 2.5 liters, then two milks are enough, and if there is a lot of milk, then the procedure is increased to 3, and sometimes 4 milks.

How to milk a goat

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How to milk a goat correctly

Before you learn how to milk a goat, you must understand how to do it correctly. This subclause discusses where the goat can be milked and what procedures are performed before milking.

In modern pens for goats there are special places reserved for milking. There is a table (podium) where they put a goat, a headband (experienced breeders can do without it) so that the animal is comfortable and the breeder is safe, as well as water, various snacks (barley with oats, chokeberry, raisins, bread or something like that) - to distract the female. In a relaxed state, she will calmly eat, and the process will not bring her discomfort. How to milk a goat after it is set on the table?

When the goat is already on the table and is ready for milking, she must first wash the udder. In warm water, a soft cloth is moistened, wrung out, and it is thoroughly washed with all the udders and nipples, and then wipe dry with another cloth. Is this so important? It is believed that the goat this procedure is not required, but in fact it is not. Anyway, she is lying on hay, grazing grass, communicating with other animals, can touch dirty objects. Particles of dirt remain on the udder, which can then get into the milk, so you should not risk it, especially as the washing procedure lasts no more than 5 minutes.

It is important! After each milking, the cloths with which the goat udders were washed and wiped should be doused with boiling water, and once again cleaned with boiling water with soda. If there is no time, you can simply wash them with a simple powder.

The next procedure before milking is kneading. Udder massage allows you to decant the maximum amount of milk so that it does not remain in the udder and does not subsequently cause dangerous diseases like mastitis. Massage is done very simply - the udder is taken in hand and just gently warm up with your hands, warms up so to speak. Everything, preparation is finished, it is considered below how to milk a goat - the main methods and their features.

How to milk a goat with your hands

How to milk a goat with your hands

For young breeders it is very important to know how to milk a goat by hand. Even if the device is constantly used, it can fail, stop working properly, and the goat, in any case, must be distributed - it will not wait until the device is repaired. So every breeder should be able to do it right.

In total there are two methods for how to properly milk a goat with your hands, and each has its own characteristics.

  • Milking a pinch. This is when the nipple is pinched and as if pulled to the bottom. The method is effective, but not everyone likes it. Many believe that it is unpleasant to the goat itself, and can also lead to deformation of the nipples and the udder itself.
  • The method of milking a goat with a fist is more common. It is his breeders use most often. But such milking needs to be learned, because not everyone gets it the first time. There is even an exercise for this: you need to bend your fingers into a fist, bending only your thumb. After that, alternately bend and fold the fingers from the index to the little finger. It is necessary to do this until it becomes familiar and convenient, because this is exactly how the milking process takes place, and confidence in this matter is very important!

Picking up a convenient method, you can proceed to the procedure. Hands over the nipples, and pressing the fingers, as indicated in the exercise above, produce milk. Fingers necessarily squeeze one by one from the index to the little finger, then unbend and repeat! Milking this way can be alternately, one or the other nipple, or both together. But this is a fist method. In the case of the plucked method, it is required to squeeze the nipples with three fingers, pulling them down. This is done gently, rhythmically.

The first portion of milk must be drained. To do this, they substitute a small container and simply transfer the milk there. Milk from 2-3 jets from each nipple is drained into this small container, and then you can put the container under normal milk for drinking, processing and selling. At the end of the milking process, the udder is massaged again to make up all the milk - this is very important! When the milk is gone, it will simply not be milked, so it’s hard to predict.

Important! The first portion of milk is drained because it may contain bacteria. Such milk cannot be drunk by people, but it is often given to cats, dogs and other living creatures.

Sometimes, before milking, the udder is smeared with special ointments, but this is not necessary if the animal is healthy. Moreover, the ointment can get into the milk and spoil its taste, but after milking, coating with petroleum jelly does not hurt. If the cow is sick, then not to do without ointment before milking. It softens, soothes irritation, eases the whole process, both to the animal and the breeder. But do not forget that when diseases appear, milk is just decanted - you cannot drink it!

How to Milk a Goat with a Milking Machine

How to Milk a Goat with a Milking Machine

If the farm is large, there are many goats, then manual milking becomes impractical. In this case, usually used milking machines. Such machines are more hygienic, allow you to get cream, and not just milk, stimulate the udder, so that there are no spasms, and also allow you to completely milk the milk. But they also have disadvantages:

  • massage before the procedure is still carried out manually;
  • during milking there is no opportunity to massage the udder, and this is useful;
  • for the price of such machines are beneficial only in the presence of a herd of goats.

So, how to milk a goat with a milking machine? The goat is placed on the table, the udder is washed, special suckers are connected to the nipples and then the car is turned on. After the milk is finished, the machine is turned off, the udder is wiped off and smeared with petroleum jelly, and then the animal is released into the pen. Apparently, the procedure is not difficult, but it is not always convenient to use the milking machine, and even on small farms, where only 1-5 goats are not profitable to acquire it.

The breeder decides how to milk the goat. Only he knows better what method to use in this or that case, and what additional procedures his animal needs. In this case, not the last role is played by the relationship with the animal. If the goat accepts the host, it will not kick, but to strangers or to those who have offended her, has already done some pain, she will hardly be allowed to milk herself again. Goats are noble animals and they need to be raised accordingly, then the productivity and character of pets will delight every day.