How to store dahlias in winter


Dahlias decorate the garden with its lush flowers. But to get beautiful flowers in the warm season, you need to be able to properly store dahlias in the winter, as well as know when and how to dig them. How to store dahlias in the winter, and where it can be done, will be described later in the article.

When digging dahlias

In order to obtain high-quality roots for winter storage, it is necessary to prepare flowers for digging in advance. From the second half of August, the flowers stop fertilizing, and watering reduces to a minimum. In order for the roots to begin to ripen, pagons are cut to 15-20 cm. If the dahlia is of a small type, then you just need to remove all the tops of the stems. Lateral twigs and leaves of the ground level and 40 cm up, break.

The dahlias left in such a state allow all forces to accumulate nutrients in tubers. And when the ground part of the flower turns dark, they begin to dig. For digging the bush is cut to 20 cm above the soil level and, digging from different sides of the bush, in a circle, take out the roots from the ground. It is best to use forks for this procedure.

After digging up the root must be thoroughly washed off the ground.

Storage preparation

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Before storing the tubers for storage, they are subjected to certain manipulations, otherwise there will be very little use. The fact is that dahlias that are not prepared for winter storage are extremely bad, may start to hurt or other problems appear.

  • After extracting the roots, they should be taken from the ground, then rinsed under water or in a bowl with water. Now, for 30 minutes, place in a saturated pink solution of potassium permanganate. This will prevent the appearance of rot, parasites.
  • When the disinfection is done, the roots are dried, spreading in a room where it is not hot for a week. This will allow the peel to become corky.
  • If the florist wants to receive more seedlings in the spring, then in the spring you need to start dividing the roots. The stem for this is shortened by 6-7 cm, then the roots are cut so that each has at least one kidney renewal. In the autumn they are difficult to notice, but better than waiting for spring.
Important! In spring, the stem and part of the dahlia root will be very hard, so it will be very difficult to divide the roots. Sometimes they just spoil the similar intervention.
  • The last thing that needs to be done is to pack and label dahlias of different varieties, because the tubers of different species are no different, and sometimes they are planted separately for a specific decor of the flowerbeds. It is easiest to distinguish varieties in the autumn, as the gardener still remembers which flowers were on each of the plants, so it’s worth putting them in different bags or baskets so as not to be confused.

    Dahlia storage preparation

Best storage conditions

It is possible to store dahlias in winter only under certain conditions, otherwise the flowers may begin to germinate, ache, freeze out, or something like that. So, how to store dahlias in the winter? First, we pay attention to the simplest indicators and try to create them in the room where the roots will be stored:

  • air humidity is maintained at about 60%;
  • room temperature + 2 ... +5 degrees Celsius;
  • adjusted ventilation;
  • lack of a mold, fungus.

In addition, where these flowers lie, purity is maintained.

How to store dahlias in the winter at home

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Processing dahlia before storage

Methods of storage of this flower in the winter at home a lot. Each has its own characteristics. If you know at least a few ways to store dahlias in the winter, and apply them in the fall, the roots will not dry and grow into a cold season.

  • The shell of paraffin will reliably save the roots. First, paraffin is heated, then the tubers are quickly dipped into it, taken out and put on the prepared film. When the paraffin hardens, the roots are packed in bags, put coniferous chips in them and put in storage where there are suitable conditions.
Important! Before germinating the roots in the winter, you need to carefully clean the paraffin shell.
  • Instead of paraffin, you can take a simple clay. It is bred so that it looks like sour cream, dip the roots of a flower and put to dry in a dark place. When the clay dries, the roots are folded into a common container and put it in a convenient place for storage. Remove the clay is very simple in the spring, it is easily cleaned.
  • If there is no paraffin or clay, use a food film. The roots are simply wrapped tightly with a film of 4-5 pieces, but so that each tuber is isolated. These roots should be stored in a room where there are no temperature fluctuations, because they can cause condensation under the film and the tubers will completely rot before spring.

Important! In case when there are damages on the roots, you can not use food film for storage! [/ Su_box]

How to store dahlias in the winter in the basement

Storage methods for dahlias in winter

If there is a basement, you can not even think about how to store dahlias in the winter, because in such places is usually the ideal temperature for this flower, and the humidity is suitable. It is best to make shelves convenient in height and place dahlias in containers on them. To maintain the water balance in the roots, you need to wrap them in paper or use one of the methods suggested above. To simplify the procedure, you can simply pour tubers with moss, sawdust or sand.

Interesting! In order for dahlias not to wither during the cold period of the year, they should be poured with sand, moss or sawdust of coniferous crops.

During storage, dahlia roots are checked several times to identify any disease, damage, possibly some pests that have appeared. If the tubers are wrinkled, they need a little spray from the spray gun, this will restore the water balance.

How to store dahlias in the cellar

A cellar is another option for storing dahlias in winter. They are usually cool, not very high humidity, but not low, the main thing is that the ventilation should be. If not, then the cellar just needs to be periodically ventilated. Store flowers in the cellar, you can spread out on racks or placed in containers.

Interesting! If during the inspection of tubers revealed damage, you need to do something. With minor damage, you can cut it to healthy tissue, and cut the slice with a saturated solution of potassium permanganate or simple brilliant green. But if the damage is strong, it is worth throwing this root.

The main danger to dahlias in the cellars - mice and any other rodents. If they nibble the spine, you need to whiten all the damaged areas, and cover the rest of the roots. In such a basement is never too late to put a repeller or mousetrap.

A photo of blooming dahlia

How to store dahlias in the winter in the apartment

If the gardener lives in the apartment, and he does not have a basement, cellar, or even just a house in the country where dahlias grow, you have to take them to the apartment for the winter. But how to store dahlias in the winter in the apartment?

Important! If the balcony is warmed, dahlias on it can be very hot in winter and they will start to sprout!

The apartments are usually very warm, so the only place where the dahlias will be comfortable is the refrigerator. The second option is a glazed but not warmed balcony, where in winter there are quite low, but positive temperatures. Dahlias are simply folded into containers, shifted with sheets of paper, and then covered with a lid and placed in a refrigerator on the lower shelf or on the balcony.

Such simple methods of storing dahlias in the cold season help protect the tubers and provide themselves with high-quality planting material in the spring.