Carrot variety Imperator


Carrots are included in the diet of almost all people on the planet. In gardening, it is as popular as potatoes or tomatoes. But, unfortunately, the root crop is capricious, therefore it is possible to receive a qualitative harvest only at the correct cultivation. Carrot Variety The Emperor is distinguished by minimal care requirements compared to other varieties. It gives high, stable yields, has a rich taste and a pleasant aroma.

Description carrot varieties Emperor

The variety Emperor was created by Russian breeders in 2005. This carrot belongs to the late varieties, the crop can be harvested 125-135 days after germination. Rosette semi-spherical type, consists of long pinnately dissected leaves of green.

Carrots grow in length about 25 cm and weighing 80-180g. The form is cylindrical, obtuse. The root crop is orange-red, dense with a small core of almost the same color as the flesh. The taste is sweet, the aroma is well expressed.

Carrot Emperor is orange-red, dense with a small core

Interesting! In carrot varieties Emperor high content of carotene. She is very sweet and juicy.

Characteristics of carrots Emperor

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All the positive and negative sides of the Emperor carrot are presented in the characteristics.

  • The Emperor is a beautiful carrot, with excellent taste.
  • Plant this variety can only be in fertile, loose soil!
  • Carrots The Emperor has a strong immunity to various diseases.
  • Variety resistant to strelkovuyu and color.
  • Root crops, even at high humidity, do not crack.
  • The percentage of germination is low.

    The harvest is well kept, does not spoil for a long time

  • The yield per hectare is 158-280 centners, and about 5.5 kg of root crops can be harvested per square meter.
  • The output of marketable products 75-90%. At the same time, carrots are very beautiful, bright and fragrant, for which they are valued by buyers.
  • It is suitable for long transportation.
  • The harvest is well kept, does not spoil for a long time.
Interesting! Carrot Emperor is suitable for cooking diet meals and even baby food.

How to plant carrots

Planting carrots is best in sandy or loamy soil. If the ground is heavy, you need to add sawdust and sand in a 1: 1 ratio. Carrots are not recommended to sow after dill, beans, parsley or celery. Planting carrots is best in the summer, in early July, then the harvest will be held in late October. You can plant a variety of Emperor and the winter, for early harvest. In this case, sowing is carried out when the temperature is about +2 degrees during the day, and not less than -5 at night.

Interesting! Plant carrots need only in soft, dug and loosened soil. If the ground is solid, the root crop will grow clumsy, with an abundance of lateral roots.

Sowing seed carrot seeds on water-soluble tape is very effective.

Before planting, the land is dug up on a full bayonet of a shovel, while for each square of planting it is necessary to deposit 1-2 buckets of compost, a bucket of peat, as much sand (if the land is not sandy) and 50 g of nitrophos. After digging is loosening the earth. Sowing of seeds is done in the furrows, at a distance of 15 cm from each other. The depth of the furrows is up to 3 cm. Simple seeds can be soaked in advance for 2 days in plain water (it is changed 3 times a day). But if the seeds are already processed by the producers, they are simply sown into the ground at a distance of 1.5 cm from each other and covered with earth.

Sown carrots germinate slowly. To speed up the process, you can stretch the film over the bed. It will create a greenhouse effect, increase the temperature of the earth, humidity, and sprouts appear faster.

Carrot Care Emperor

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Without proper care, getting a big harvest of carrots is very difficult. But as gardeners note, it is much easier to care for this variety than, for example, the variety "Samson", "Nantes" or "Shantane".

  • Water used for irrigation is warm, settled in the sun. The first 2 weeks, carrots are watered 2 times a week. At the same time, water consumption per square meter is about 3-5 liters. Then, the water consumption increases to 7-10 liters per square with the same frequency of irrigation.

    Water used for irrigation is warm, settled in the sun.

  • Loosening between the rows and the root area is very important. The procedure is done with a small hoe so that the roots of the culture are not damaged. During loosening of the earth it is also worth removing all weeds. They are pulled out along with the root and then thrown into compost or burned.
  • Feed for this carrot do not frequent. In the first month in general, they can not hold. Then one nitrogen fertilizer is made, and after another 20 days - phosphoric.
  • The first thinning is necessary when the tops grow to 3 cm. Planting is thinned so that between the seedlings there is about 2 cm of free space. The second thinning is necessary when the root crop reaches 1 cm in diameter. All extra shoots are pulled out so that there is 6 cm of free space between neighboring cultures.
  • In the case of the appearance of diseases, which happens rarely, the cultures are sprayed with a 1% solution of Bordeaux mixture, Skor or Beyleton.

    Of the pests it is necessary to fear the invasions of Medvedka

  • Of the pests should fear the invasions of the bear, wireworm and carrot moth. In the case of the wireworm and the bearfish, traps are set and the soil insecticides Medvetoks and Zemlin are purchased. But from the carrot moth will help a decoction of tomato tops or drugs "Vanteks", "Karate", "Borey".

With the right care, carrots will grow rapidly and give great yield. And if the earth was sufficiently soft, nutritious, the roots will grow smooth and beautiful, with a pleasant taste.

Harvesting and storage

Harvesting takes place around October, if the planting was carried out in the summer. If the carrots were planted in the spring or in the winter, then the crop can be harvested much earlier, in the middle of summer. Carrot Emperor suitable for long-term storage. After digging, it is laid out to dry, wipe from excess soil, sorted and sorted by size. You can store this carrot in boxes, sand, nets, at a temperature of +5 degrees. Shelf life is about 6 months.

Carrots The Emperor can be used raw and processed.

Interesting! The carrot Emperor is recommended for long-term storage, as its taste qualities improve over time.

The use of varieties is universal. Carrots The Emperor can be used raw and for processing (preservation, juice, mashed potatoes, frying, stewing, freezing, drying, etc.).

Reviews of gardeners about a grade of carrots the Emperor

What they think about the variety of carrots Emperor gardeners, you can learn from the reviews below.

  • Sofia Medvedeva: "Previously, growing carrots was accompanied by all sorts of difficulties, it grew small, then the curve, the taste could be bitter or insipid. But with the carrot the Emperor does not have such problems. The variety is excellent with a sweetish taste, it grows about the same size, weight and is stored well ".
  • Andrey Skripka: "Every year we grow carrots for storage throughout the winter. The variety was chosen by the Emperor, because he is practically not affected by carrot flies, diseases, and has an excellent taste. In storage, the Emperor shows himself excellent. Root vegetables do not rot, the taste does not deteriorate over time. This variety is suitable for processing and fresh consumption. "
  • Anton Koroza: "The Emperor sows carrots at the beginning of spring and covers with agrofiber to get the seedlings as early as possible. The seeds germinate harmoniously and quickly, especially if they are soaked before sowing. It is not capricious in care. We must, of course, remove all weeds, loosen the ground and carry out timely watering. But I rarely do top dressing, as I plant the soil before planting it abundantly. It gives large yields and keeps carrots well, although it is necessary to sort it out once a month since January. "