Ovstuzhenka Sweet Cherry Variety


Sweet cherry is a real garden decoration. There are many interesting varieties, among which Ovstuzhenko stands out. Beautiful, maroon berries are delicious not only fresh, but also in desserts. Ovstuzhenka sweet cherry is an amazing variety, its advantages and disadvantages will be described below in the article.

Description of a grade of sweet cherry of Ovstuzhenka

The berries are quite large, weighing 4-7 g

The sweet cherry of the Ovstuzhenka variety was bred by MV Kanshina and in 2001 entered into the State Register of Russia. It is zoned in the Central region. The tree grows up to 4 meters in height. He has a spherical, dense crown. The branches are straight, brown. The buds are pointed, oval. The leaves are large, green with notched edges, oval-shaped with a pointed edge. Flowers are large, collected in inflorescences of 3 pieces on average.

The berries are quite large, weighing 4-7 g on average, kept on the average length of the stalk. The shape of the cherry is almost round, the color is maroon. The bones are almost beige, egg-shaped, on the one hand with a sharp tip. From the pulp they are separated without problems. The flesh is dark red, medium density with a high concentration of juice.

Characteristics of cherry Ovstuzhenka

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Productivity is high - about 30 kg from a tree

Ovstujenka cherries have many advantages, but there are also disadvantages. The following are its inherent characteristics.

  • Fruits in 4-5 years after planting.
  • Tree self-fertility is average. To get a big harvest, it is necessary to plant pollinators near trees (varieties Pink Pearl, Tyutchevka, Iput, Raditsa, Bryansk Pink).
  • As ripening berries do not crack, keep the shape.
Interesting! Berries from this variety are large, they are easy to collect, but if the crown is not thinned due to the abundance of pagons, the collection will be complicated.
  • Dry substances in the berries are 17.2-17.7%, acids 0.4%, sugars - 11.6%. 100 g of berries contain 13.4 mg of vitamin C.
  • The taste of Ovstuvenka is very sweet, rich. Tasting score of 4.6 out of 5 points.
  • Sweet Cherry variety Ovstuzhenka resistant to moniliosis and coccomycosis.
  • Winter hardiness is excellent.
  • Productivity is high - about 30 kg from each tree.
  • Due to the dense skin and pulp, the berries are resistant even to long-term transportation.

Planting cherry Ovstuzhenka

Planting cherry Ovstuzhenka

Ovstuzhenka's sweet cherry variety should be planted in places protected from cold winds but illuminated by the sun. The land should ideally be sandy or loamy. If it is very heavy or sandy, then it is necessary to dilute it with other soil and apply fertilizer. Landing is carried out in the fall (September) in the southern regions or in the spring (in the northern).

For planting tree suitable for 1-2 years with a central conductor and a variety of shoots. Earth is preparing at least 2 weeks. The pit is 80 cm wide and about a meter deep. For planting, a mixture of 2 buckets of garden soil, 30 kg of humus, 3 kg of superphosphate, a kilogram of potassium sulfate and the same amount of ash interfere. This composition of the pit is filled to a third and left for 2 weeks. The remains of the soil mixture are hidden before planting.

When it is time to plant, you need to first put a wooden peg - a support in the pit. At the bottom they make a hill out of the ground, and a sapling is placed on it. The roots are straightened so as not to bend over. Now you can gradually sprinkle them on each side of the soil mixture prepared earlier.

Important! The root neck of a sweet cherry variety Ovstuzhenka should peek out from the ground at the level of 5-6 cm.

After landing, the ground is compacted and watered. The seedling needs about 20 liters of water. Pristvolny circle better to mulch with peat or straw. It remains only to tie the tree to the support. You can also trim, but this is not always done. If you want, you can leave 3-4 strongest branches, and remove the rest completely, so that even the stumps are left. The main, central branch is shortened by 20 cm. All sections are covered with garden pitch.

How to care for a grade?

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Watering a Cherry Ovstuzhenka

Ovshuzhenka's sweet cherry tree belongs to trees with medium demanding care.

  • Watering is carried out in May, when the tree grows green mass, in June, during the formation of berries and in October to prepare the tree for the winter. Watering is done by 15-20 liters of water, but in the fall the rate is increased to 60-70 liters, so that the tree is saturated with moisture for winter.
Interesting! Watering the tree is not at the root, but in the furrows, which they do at a distance of 25-30 cm from the trunk.
  • After rains or watering, it is necessary to loosen the ground 8-10 cm deep into the sapka the next day so that the earth is not taken with a crust and ideally mulch it so that the moisture less evaporates.
  • Top dressing is carried out with 3 years of tree development, because in the first years after planting, there is enough power for it from the land in which it was planted. In early spring, 100 g of urea is poured into a tree trunk and sprinkled with earth, and then watered. In May, a solution of 30 g of urea per 10 liters of water can be applied. In September, to prepare the tree for the winter, 100 g of potassium sulfate and 300 g of superphosphate in dry form are added to the tree trunk and watered. Top can be mulched. Once in 3 years, in the autumn it is worth making humus or compost for autumn digging.
  • Cherry variety Ovstuzhenka itself has a dense crown, if it is not cut annually, the harvest will be problematic. Conduct pruning sanitary, forming fall or spring, and you can twice a season. The main thing in the fall is not to make it too late for the tree to recover before winter.
  • To prevent problems with diseases, pests, wood is sometimes treated with fungicides and insecticides (Bordeaux mixture, copper oxychloride, copper sulfate, Inta-vir, Carbamide, Karbofos, etc.) just for prevention. These drugs are used in the period when the tree needs to be treated.
  • So that in winter the sweet cherry does not freeze, it is worth preparing it. To start the barrel whiten. Pristvolny circle should be mulched with peat or sawdust 20 cm on average. If we are talking about a young tree, you can wrap the crown with insulating material. Usually this is done in the northern areas.


Cherry stored Ovstuzhenka 5-6 days

Cherry variety Ovstuzhenka ripens around the first third of June. From each tree you can collect up to 30 kg of berries on average. While picking berries, it is better not to separate them from the stem - so they will be stored longer.

To increase the keeping quality of the berries, after collecting them, they are sorted and then all the good ones are put in a refrigerator or a room with a temperature of + 3 ... +5 degrees and humidity of 85-90%. Under these conditions, sweet cherry is stored for 5-6 days.

Reviews of sweet Ovstuzhenka

Ovstuzhenka, a variety of cherries, is known to gardeners and summer residents; many people love it for its unpretentiousness, sweetness and beauty of berries.

  • Vadim Agashin: "I am an avid dacha and I like to experiment, in the first 2 years after planting there were fears that the tree would not survive - it was weak, it was slowly accepted. But in the third year I started to grow. There were young, strong branches. Now my cherry is 5 years old, last year I first tried a couple of berries - very sweet, beautiful. "
  • Elena Kharitonova: “Ovstuzhenka Sweet Cherry is a good variety, but in order to get a big crop, it’s worth planting 3-4 trees, it tolerates the winter well. And so, there are almost no problems with the tree, the main thing is to water and fertilize on time.”
  • Maria Savchuk: “Ovtuzhenka cherries are good for the middle band. It’s cold in the north. It’s the first time I planted, it froze out the same year, the second tree started faster, I warmed for the winter, and the ground and mulch are mixed. but the berries are very tasty. "

Ovstuzhenka's sweet cherry belongs to mid-season types. It has high yields. Berries are well stored, transportable, commercial quality. This species is resistant to many diseases and does not suffer from pests very much. The only thing you need to provide him - quality care.