Potato cultivar Zekura


High yields and pleasant taste - the main advantages of potato Zekura - varieties of German selection. It is cultivated by gardeners all over the world and is famous for its characteristics. You can get acquainted with the variety, its qualities and cultivation features in this article.

Variety description

Variety Zekura is a potato created by German breeders. Worldwide, it is in great demand among farmers, because it is distinguished by high quality and excellent taste. In Russia, this variety has been grown for more than 20 years.

Zekura potato is a medium early variety, it ripens in 90-100 days from the moment of planting. The bush grows compact, the ponds practically do not lean to the ground, they stand exactly. The height of the shrub is about 35 cm. An average of 15-20 tubers can be formed under each plant.

Under each bush can be formed on average 15-20 tubers

Tubers are rounded, weighing 65-135 g. The skin is smooth, thin, with small eyes, sandy color. The color of the pulp is yellow. Tastes excellent. Potatoes of this variety are classified as dietary products, it contains a lot of carotene and other beneficial substances.

Interesting! Zekura is appreciated by farmers for being suitable for mechanized planting, care and harvesting.

Characteristic varieties Zekura

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German breeders worked on the creation of the potato Zekura. This indicates the high quality of the variety, although it does have some drawbacks.

  • Zekura is not a late variety, so the crop ripens fairly quickly.
  • It has strong immunity to the virus of leaf curl and scab.
  • Zekura potatoes are demanding on soil type and care.

    The skin is smooth, thin, with small eyes, sandy color, the color of the flesh is yellow

  • Productivity is high and stable. About 350-370 centners can be collected per hectare.
  • Commercial quality tubers, even and beautiful.
  • Harvest can be stored for 4 to 6 months under appropriate conditions.
  • In the composition of tubers about 18% starch. He has good taste qualities, while cooking, the pieces do not fall apart, keep their shape.
Important! Zekura potato can be transported over long distances, as it has dense flesh and strong skin. On the road, the tubers do not crumple, do not rot, retain commercial quality.

Features of planting potatoes

Planting Zekura potatoes should be carried out only in good, fertilized soil. On poor land, this variety will not grow or will give a meager crop. It is advisable to fertilize the ground with humus or compost a few weeks before planting, and mineral fertilizers are allowed. Acidity should be slightly elevated or neutral.

Interesting! You can improve the quality of the land for potatoes by growing it on the sideratov sites. In this case it will be appropriate to sow peas, mustard or rape. The land after these crops is soft, rich in minerals.

Planting Zekura potatoes should be carried out only in good, fertilized soil.

Tubers before planting warm up and put to germinate. Sowing seeds with stimulants is not necessary, but it is recommended to use a weak solution of potassium permanganate for spraying potatoes. This procedure is an excellent prevention of diseases and pests.

Zekura potatoes are planted in furrows or under a shovel, as convenient. The ground should be loose, pre-watered (slightly damp), heated. Planting time each gardener chooses in accordance with the climate. According to national signs, the best time to plant potatoes is when leaves appear on a birch tree, the size of a large coin. Planting is carried out at a distance of 35-40 cm between the bushes, the aisle is 55-60 cm. To make the potato better, and the pests do not hit it, you can add a handful of wood ash to each well, but if the soil is well fertilized and the tubers are treated with potassium permanganate solution it is not necessary to do this.

Caring for potatoes Zekura

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Among other varieties, Zekura stands out for its high yield and excellent taste, but it is demanding to care!

  • One week after planting, it is necessary to loosen the ground with potatoes. This is done to break the upper crust, and the plant was easier to get up. The procedure is carried out very carefully, you can not touch the young shoots in the ground.
  • Approximately 14 days after planting, when the first shoots appear, the first hilling is done. The second hilling is necessary during the appearance of flowers.
  • Without timely watering Zekura potatoes will not be able to grow normally, yields will decrease, and the tubers will be small. In the dry period, watering is done with an interval of 1-1.5 weeks. If it rains regularly, water can rarely be brought in. But after the end of flowering bushes, watering stops altogether, so that the tubers can form normally.

    Drugs that will help protect potatoes from pests and diseases

  • All of its potential potatoes Zekura reveals only with regular fertilization. It can be organic or minerals, but in any case, potatoes are fed at least 2 times during a season (2 weeks after planting and when buds appear)! Gardeners say that Zekura responds best to the introduction of infusion of herbs, ash, biohumus, manure, or any mineral complexes. Fertilizers are applied at a distance of 10-15 cm around the plants, and then the earth is slightly loosened with a rake.
  • In the event of the appearance of diseases or pests on the bushes, specialized drugs are used to combat them "Aktara", "Actofit", "Senpai", "Previcur", "Topaz" and the like.
Important! If the ground is dry, there has been no rain for a long time, the potatoes are watered at the root and only then fertilizing is done. Loosening the ground and earthing up is also recommended on wet ground.

Harvesting and processing

Harvesting is carried out in 90-100 days after planting. The procedure is carried out on a dry day when rains are not expected. Dug up tubers laid out on the ground and allow them to dry. After that, it is necessary to wipe them from excess land, sorted by size and sent to storage.

Use Zekura potatoes of this variety can be used for boiling, stewing, frying

Store Zekura potatoes for storage in 2-3 layers in boxes. Harvest well stored, and yet experts recommend to sort it once a month. Storage temperature should be about + 2 ... +3, the room is chosen dark, with good ventilation.

Potatoes of this variety can be used for boiling, stewing, frying. But since it is badly boiled soft, mashed it is rarely done. It is also suitable for freezing and drying.

Reviews gardeners about potato Zekura

Opinions of gardeners about potato Zekura are presented below.

  • Alina Garmash: “Foreign varieties, despite the high quality, are rarely chosen. They are usually very capricious, do not grow everywhere and require careful maintenance. But I like the Zekura. He is demanding only for watering and feeding, but any potatoes need to be properly fertilized and watered, otherwise simply cannot grow. So the variety is good. It rarely hurts, there are usually no serious difficulties with growing. The harvest is large and very tasty, it is eaten until January. "
  • Timofey Tolochko: “I grow potatoes Zekura just for food. My wife and I have a small plantation, but we have enough for the winter. We collect about 17 potatoes from each bush, but they can be small and large in size, as lucky as they are. rots and does not get sick in the cellar for about 3 months, then we begin to sort out and spoil all the spoiled food in the first place. The wife mostly fries or extinguishes it, it is not suitable for puree. "
  • Vladislav Vetrov: “Potato varieties changed before each year, because they didn’t constantly arrange with something. But after trying Zekura, I decided to stop there. At the moment, this is the best option for a private farm. The only caveat is that the variety requires complete care, but for this is not a big problem for me. Every year I collect 6-8 kg of potatoes from a bush, it is stored well, the taste is good, so I recommend it! "