How to get rid of ants


Ants settle on the site for a long time. They build large anthills that go deep into the earth, and form large colonies. It is believed that at the summer cottage they bring a lot of benefit, but, unfortunately, they bring a lot of problems. So it is not surprising that many gardeners are wondering how to get rid of ants? There are many ways to exterminate these insects, and in each case you need to choose the most suitable option.

The benefits and danger of ants on the site

Ants play an important role in nature. In the garden, in the country, they can be excellent assistants. But how are they useful?

  • In places of large settlements of ants several times more phosphorus and potassium than in simple earth. And these elements are located in the soil in an easily digestible form for crops.
  • Ants eat many pests in the garden, including voracious caterpillars.

Chlorpyrifos enters the ant through the respiratory system and paralyzes it.

But at the same time, the ants bring a lot of anxiety.

  • They spread around the site aphid. They have a symbiosis with this dangerous pest, as the ants eat the sweet nectar that aphid produces. They settle on fruit, berry crops in the garden or on garden plants, and destroy leaflets and pagons, which leads to the death of plants.
Interesting! Ants not only spread aphids around the site, but also protect it from predatory insects and hide it for the winter. So while there are ants on the plot, it will not be possible to completely get rid of the aphids.
  • Large ant colonies badly spoil the flower beds, lawns, alpine slides. They make branched, deep anthills in the ground, due to which they are very difficult to destroy in the ground.
  • Red earth ants eat strawberries and other berry plants, vegetables and roots, which contain a lot of sugar. They also spoil the flower buds.

Diazinon blocks the work of the nervous system of ants

On the site can settle turf, red, brown, red-cheeked, ordinary ants and many other species. They bring some benefit to the site, but much more harm, so that every gardener should know how to get rid of garden ants.

How to get rid of ants forever

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For the destruction of ants many different preparations were invented. They are usually based on either chlorpyrifos or diazinon. What are these components:

  • Chlorpyrifos - a substance that enters the ant through the respiratory system and paralyzes it. It can be held in the ground for up to 120 days and then disintegrates, but only 1-2 months acts against the pest.
  • Diazinon - It is a substance that blocks the work of the nervous system of ants. As a result of its action in insects, convulsions begin, then paralysis and the ant die. The big advantage is that it is absorbed by crops and protects them from annoying pests for up to 21 days.

Great Warrior - effect for the next day

Among the best ant chemicals are some of the most affordable and effective ones.

  • "A great warrior" - a drug that contains diazinon and chlorpyrifos. It is produced in the form of a gel of hazard class IV. The garden consumes 30 mg / m². Acts on the next day.
  • "Ant-eater" It is composed of diazinon. This is a concentrated emulsion of hazard class III. The solution is made from 10 liters of water and 1 ml of the drug. Consumption - 10 l / 5 m². The drug is effective in 1-2 days.
  • "Anti-Ant" works on the basis of borax. It is white powder in bags or blisters. Hazard Class IV. One package is enough for 1-2 square meters of land. The effect can be seen in a week.

Anteater acts in 1-2 days

Interesting! If ants do not want to leave the site, you can stir them up the anthill and sprinkle it abundantly with any chemical preparation from these insects. It is also desirable to find and destroy the uterus.
  • Thunder-2 contains diazinon. This is a granular preparation of hazard class III. 1-3 g scatter on one anthill. After 2-4 days you can see the result.
  • "Absolute" - a preparation containing chlorpyrifos. Available in gel form. Belongs to the IV class of danger. On 30 squares of a site 125 ml of means are spent. After 10-14 days you can see the visible result.
  • "Ant"- granulated agent based on diazinon. It belongs to hazard class III. Consumption - 20 g / 10 m². The effect is noticeable in 3-5 days.
  • "Muracid" - water emulsion, with diazinon. Belongs to the III class of danger. The working solution is made from 1 ml of the substance and 10 liters of water. Consumption - 10 l / 5 m². The next day there will be no pest on the plot.

Anti-ant - you can notice the effect in a week

When choosing a drug from ants, it is worth considering that some chemicals can decompose in the ground for a long time, spoiling its structure and composition. So it is recommended to use only proven products that do not contain dangerous impurities.

How to get rid of ants in the garden

Fighting ants in the garden can be not only specialized substances, but also folk remedies. With their systematic use of problems with insects will not arise.

  • Garden ants are easy to drive out with simple kerosene. A rag soaked in kerosene is placed under a fruit bush or tree. The strong smell of this tool scares them away, so they soon leave their home.
  • To save the trees from the invasion of ants, the tree trunk is wrapped with a cloth soaked in phenol. A little higher and lower is made another 1-2 rings of linseed oil or soot. The ring is made 5-10 cm wide. Ants cannot pass through them, and therefore will not fall on the tree.
  • It is possible to destroy garden ants that are already on the tree by means of traps. Containers with sugar syrup are tied to the pagons, and the edges of the tank are smeared with anise oil.

    Thunder-2 will give the result in 2-4 days

  • If the ants have settled a radical zone of culture in the garden, you can powder the earth with simple bleach. It is advisable to scatter it on the anthill and pour water on top.
  • They are afraid of ants and 20% phenol solution. It is simply poured over anthills and the insects immediately leave to look for a new home.

The main problem of the destruction of ants in the garden is that they settle in trees that are difficult to process with chemistry. Experienced gardeners recommend the use of complex measures in this case, removing the pest with several folk remedies. Thus, the chance to drive the ants away will be greatly increased.

What to do with ants in the garden

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Pest invasions in the garden are as dangerous as in the garden, because many crops, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, peas, greens, lawn, flower plants, etc., can suffer from ants and aphids that they carry. ants, if a lot of them on the site? For this it is recommended to choose folk remedies.

Absolute gives visible results in 10-14 days

  • Between garden crops, you can plant a calendula. This plant is thinning the odor unpleasant for ants.
  • An anthill is poured on top with salt, it is also necessary to scatter it along the paths. As the rains irrigate the site, the salt will fall into the anthill and displace the insects.
  • The smell of elderberry leaves and wild mint is too harsh for ants. It is necessary to scatter them along the paths and aisles in the garden, and especially near the anthill.
  • Making the ants evict from the site is not easy, but if the colony is large, you can try to resettle them. To do this, dig their anthill, shift it to a bucket or other container, and transfer it to a forest, field, or other similar place. It's not easy to do this, because ants will protect their home and bite, but this is a really effective method. And the area where the anthill was previously, it is necessary to pour boiling water abundantly.
  • For 10 liters of water is taken 200 g of soap, 1 tbsp. l phenol and 5 tbsp. l kerosene. The mixture is thoroughly mixed until the soap is completely dissolved. Such a liquid must be watered on an anthill and insect "trails" for several days in a row. After 2-3 treatments, the pest will begin to look for another, less “fragrant” dwelling.
Interesting! Ants drive away garlic, tops of tomato, parsley, ground cinnamon, as they have a too sharp, rich flavor. Just scattering them at the dacha, you can drive out the pest, but against a large colony, these funds are powerless.

Ant acid - the effect is noticeable for 3-5 days

If folk remedies did not help in the destruction of insects, you should purchase a specialized chemical product and use it according to the instructions.

Ants in the greenhouse

Few ants in the greenhouse brings invaluable benefits to cultures. But if we are talking about a large colony, then it is urgently necessary to expel it, otherwise the harvest will be under threat.

  • In a saucepan or bowl, mix 2 glasses of sugar, 2 tbsp. l boric acid, 1 glass of water. The resulting mass is decomposed in small pieces in different parts of the greenhouse. To skimp on this tool is not worth it, around the anthill it is generally applied in a dense ring.
  • Ants in the enclosed space are frightened by caustic odors (garlic, parsley and the like). They are ground and put on the ground in different parts of the greenhouse. Since the greenhouse is usually stuffy and hot, ventilation is bad, the ants will not be able to endure the unpleasant smell for a long time and move to another place.

You can also use other folk remedies in the greenhouse, which are also used in the garden. If they did not help, it is worth referring to the chemicals that are sold in garden stores.

Muracid - on the next day there will be no pest on the site

What to do with ants in the country

If there are a lot of ants in the backyard territory, they can soon settle in the house. Ants in the living room is a real problem. They eat food, can carry diseases and pests that are dangerous to people, domestic animals, harm indoor plants. How to get rid of ants in the house? First, it is recommended to try different, popular recipes.

  • 25 ml of water interfere with 3 g of borax, 25 g of sugar and make small balls. They must be distributed in places where the ants settled. This mixture will attract insects with its sweet aroma, and then they will die due to the effects of borax.
  • 250 g of jam (it is better to take raspberry, strawberry or cherry) interfere with 100 g of yeast (fresh) and 25 g of boron. For ants, this is a special delicacy that will be attacked quickly, but in a couple of days the borax will start to act and insects will die.
Important! Ants can spread not only aphids, but also germs, diseases that can harm a person. In the house they do not place, so that at the first sign of the presence of a pest need to take appropriate measures.
  • If there are few insects in the room, you can rub their "trails" with garlic cloves, mashed parsley leaves, mint, and cloves. The caustic scent will scare them away, and the ants will look for another dwelling for themselves.
  • The smell of old yellow fat is very unpleasant for pests. And if you fry it and then decompose it in places of their greatest accumulation, then in 2-3 days there will be no trace of ants in the house.

As you can see, there are a lot of methods for fighting ants. But only a systematic treatment of their habitats, can permanently get rid of insects, because they can hide for a while or return to the old anthills. So it is recommended to do preventive treatments of the site and the house from ants, if problems with them have ever occurred.