How to get rid of dandelions


For a short time to elevate the backyard territory is not easy. One of the main problems - the abundance of weeds in the area. Dandelions, despite their beauty, hinder the development of many cultivated plants. This is a very tenacious weed that can germinate even in adverse conditions. But how to get rid of dandelions, if you need to sow lawn or other cultivated plants? This article describes the most popular methods used by gardeners and gardeners to rid the site of annoying weeds.

The benefits and harm of dandelions on the site

Dandelions delight the eye with beautiful, bright yellow flowers in early spring. This plant has a powerful root that goes deep into the earth with an abundance of side roots. The ground part is a rosette of beautiful, bright green leaves. Peduncles are high, the flower is bright yellow, volumetric, very beautiful, is replaced by a spherical white cap of seeds closer to the summer, which can scatter from the slightest blow of the wind.

It is believed that this is a very useful culture, which has many positive qualities.

Dandelions have a powerful root that goes deep into the earth with an abundance of side roots.

  • Dandelions attract earthworm to the site.
  • This is a honey plant, which is very fond of bees and other insects, which also pollinate garden and garden crops.
  • Dandelions are recognized siderats. They promote soil aeration, saturate the earth with humates.
  • This plant releases substances into the ground that are detrimental to harmful microflora.
Interesting! In greenhouse conditions, dandelions are a source of ethylene, which reduces the ripening of the solanaceous crop. So the culture is also useful in greenhouses and hotbeds.

There is also harm from culture.

  • The plant consumes a lot of water and nutrients from the site.
  • Hinders the development of other cultivated plants.
  • Reduces the decorative quality of the lawn, flower beds.
  • May cause an allergic reaction in people prone to allergies.

It is not easy to get rid of dandelions at the site, because the plant multiplies rapidly and is resistant to adverse conditions. And yet it is possible.

How to get rid of dandelions forever

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Climate change, frost and drought, dandelions tolerate without problems. The plant root is fragile, rather thin, so it is impossible to remove it completely from the ground. Soon, out of the remaining roots, a new plant or even a few is developing. And with the onset of the warm summer days, dandelions form seeds, which fly through the wind through the wind.

So how to get rid of dandelions, if they are so viable? It is best to use comprehensive measures to combat them. Namely: mechanical, chemical and folk. If there are a lot of dandelions on the site and you need to quickly cope with them, you can pry or mow them. Mowing is suitable for getting rid of weed on the lawn, but for small beds, where garden crops grow, it is better to use the manual method.

Regular mowing of dandelions leads to a weakening of the plant and its death.

Interesting! Regular cutting of dandelions leads to a weakening of the plant and its death.

To pull out a dandelion with a root it is worth using a chopper, flat cutter, a cultivator, a shovel with a narrowed bayonet. It is necessary to pull up the undermined plant slowly, slightly loosening the root. Then the plant is taken out of the ground. Torn dandelions can not be left on the ground, they are cleaned in compost or burned. And if the plot where dandelions grew is not used for anything, it is necessary to cover it with black agrofibre to suppress the development of the remaining weeds (roots in the ground).

Known Chemicals

When there are a lot of weeds on the plot, it is impractical to use the mechanical method from them. In this case, it is best to purchase specialized drugs. They simplify weed control and are highly efficient, eliminating the area from weeds forever.

To combat dandelions is to get a herbicide that can cope with perennial crops. The best option is a systemic herbicide, it can cope not only with the ground, but also the underground part of the plant. You can choose, for example, "Roundup", "Eptam". However, such preparations are suitable only for use in empty areas, where nothing else grows, otherwise the tool will burn garden and garden plants.

To combat dandelions should purchase a herbicide

[/ su_box] Chemicals that are used to fight dandelions pollute the ground with harmful substances! [/ su_box]

If other crops grow next to dandelions, it is worth buying a herbicide of selective action. Among the large variety of such funds, gardeners most often choose "Longan", "Tatrel-300", "Klippard", "Killex", "Metafen". Processing is carried out on leaves of dandelions, then the tool penetrates into the culture and destroys its root and ground part. Use drugs of this type at a temperature of + 5 ... +25 degrees, otherwise their effectiveness will decrease.

How to get rid of dandelions folk remedies

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Knowing how to get rid of dandelions folk remedies, you can greatly simplify the work in the garden or garden. This method of dealing with dandelions does not harm the earth, like chemicals and is much easier to mechanically clean weeds. There are a lot of folk recipes for fighting dandelions, the most effective of them are presented below.

  • Treatment of stems and rhizomes of plants with boiling water.
  • Spraying dandelions with vinegar.
  • Watering dandelions with alcohol diluted with water in a ratio of 1:10.
  • Spraying weed rosettes with hydrochloric acid.
  • Cornmeal tillage (with gluten).
  • Salting freshly cut stems.

Salt - the easiest way to get rid of weeds in the area

[/ su_box] Salt - the easiest way to get rid of weeds in the area. But keep in mind that it almost burns the ground. In the area sprinkled with salt, not only weeds, but also cultivated plants do not grow! [/ Su_box]

Some of these methods must be performed in special protective gloves, glasses (option with hydrochloric acid). Do not forget that the salt and vinegar at the site are used with caution, as they change the composition of the soil.

Dandelions on the lawn

Dandelions on the lawn are not allowed! They hinder the development of young grass, although they can look beautiful. Still, gardeners recommend getting rid of them to get a thick, green "carpet." How to get rid of dandelions on the lawn:

  • If there are few dandelions, you can simply uproot them, but this should be done systematically until the plants are completely removed from the lawn, because it is almost impossible to remove the whole root of the crop. You can use special root removers for this procedure that are sold in soda shops. For example, "Gardena 03517", "Start Fit fiskars" or "Grinda 8". Then, to the places where dandelions grew, they immediately sow lawn grass in order to fill the space and prevent further development of the weeds.

    To remove dandelions on the lawn, you can use special root removers

  • To destroy a lot of dandelions, you can purchase chemicals. Usually the treatment is done in the fall, but it can be done in the spring. In order not to spray the entire lawn and not to harm the grass, you can apply a brush to dandelions. After about a week, when it becomes noticeable that the weed has died, it is removed and grass is sown in its place.

You can also apply folk methods, using them carefully, only in the field of dandelion growth. But keep in mind that they can harm the surrounding grass.

Frequent gardeners mistakes

In pursuit of a clean, tidy plot without weeds, gardeners and gardeners often make the same mistakes. How to get rid of dandelions? To weed stopped growing on the site, it is necessary to follow certain rules.

Rabbits can be good helpers in the fight against dandelions, dandelions for them are a treat

  1. Any chemicals used strictly according to the instructions! Only in this case, they act effectively.
  2. Folk remedies are used several times until the weed stops growing at all on the plot.
Important! Cutting the top of dandelions allows you to quickly get rid of the weed, but its root remains in the ground. As a result, the plant continues to develop and start up new leaves, flower stalks.
  1. Mulching between rows prevents the growth of weeds and dandelions.
  2. Regular weeding allows you to get rid of the roots of plants in the ground and small sprouts of dandelions.
  3. To get rid of weeds by a mechanical method (cutting or tearing), it is necessary to carry out these procedures several times a week, systematically, not postponing the case for later.
  4. All empty places on the lawn should be immediately sown with grass, otherwise weeds will start growing there.
  5. There will be a lot of dandelions on the lawn, if you delay with its mowing.

Dandelions on the site do not like all gardeners. They quickly grow and multiply, so if you do not fight them, in a few years there will be a lot of them in the garden. Systematic cultivation of land with folk remedies or herbicides, manual removal of weeds, allows you to get rid of dandelions in a fairly short period of time and not to allow them to appear on the plot anymore.