Variety of tomato Nobleman


Among the large-fruited pink tomatoes, the Velmozha variety stands out. It is very popular with summer residents, which is not surprising, given its characteristics. A grandee tomato was bred at the Siberian Research Institute for risk farming regions and registered in 2004. Its main qualities include yield, endurance and simplicity in the care.

Description varietal grandee

Tomato Velzhmozha refers to mid-season varieties. Fruit ripening takes an average of 100-120 days. Suitable for growing in greenhouses and in the open field. The variety is not standard, it grows with a bush, so without garters pagons can fall to the ground. Bushes are low, up to 70 cm, but much higher in the greenhouse. The leaves are light green. Inflorescences appear over 4 pairs of leaves.

The variety is not standard, it grows with a bush, so without garters pagons can fall to the ground

The fruits are quite large, but their size can vary significantly - there are specimens from 250 to 500 g on average, in rare cases larger tomatoes grow. The shape is heart-shaped. The color of the skin is bright crimson, but as a rule there is a yellow-green speck in the area of ​​the stem. The flesh is very tender and juicy. The number of chambers is 6-9, there are not many seeds. Taste tomato sweetish, classic flavor.

Characteristics of tomatoes grandee

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Tomatoes grandee many positive qualities, but there are drawbacks. All of them are collected in the characteristics of the variety.

  • The plant adapts well to different climatic conditions, so that it is grown in different regions. But if in the southern regions this variety is mainly planted in open ground, in the northern areas it is grown in greenhouses.
  • The fruits are large, beautiful, commercial type.
  • There is a tendency to cracking on the bushes or during storage of the crop.

    The flesh is very tender and juicy

  • Resistance to cold snaps and short frosts.
  • Strong immunity to many diseases. But susceptibility is noted for brown spotting.
  • Transportability is bad. On the road, ripe fruits crumple, deteriorate, crack. Usually, unripe tomatoes are harvested for sale - green fruits are more dense and suitable for transportation.
Important! Lack of heat and coolness does not affect the quantity and quality of fruits. Due to this quality, the Velzhmozh variety can be grown not only in the south, but also in the northern part of Russia.

Productivity grandee

Tomato grandee is fruitful. About 10–15 kg are collected from a bush per season, 20–30 kg per square meter, 300–500 centners of crop per hectare in Siberia and the Urals, and 600–700 centners of tomato in middle and southern regions.

Despite the rather high yield of the variety, many gardeners increase it with some agrotechnical methods. So, what factors can increase productivity:

From a bush for a season collect about 10-15 kg

  • Formation of a bush in 2 stalks.
  • High-quality care. It increases not only the yield, but also the mass of fruits (champions reach 1 kg).
  • Potash-phosphorus supplements during the flowering and ripening of fruits.
Interesting! To get larger fruits, you need to pinch the extra brushes and leave up to 5 buds on the shoot.

Planting tomatoes Nobleman

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Grow tomatoes Grandeas easiest seedling method. Seeds are sown in boxes of soil around March. Seeds are laid out right over the ground and covered with peat no more than 1 cm. After that, the earth is watered, the box is covered with foil and put in a warm place (+25 degrees).

When shoots appear, the film must be removed and put the seedlings in a bright place. The temperature should be about +16 degrees, so that the seedlings do not stretch much. In a week, it can be increased to +20. A pick on individual containers is carried out when 2 leaves appear.

Seeds are sown in boxes of soil around March.

When the seedlings are 2 months old (6-7 leaves), you can begin to look for the final place to grow. It should be light, spacious and not marshy. The earth is digging in advance, interfering with fertilizers, loosening. Shrubs varieties Velzmozha give large yields of large tomatoes. For this they need a lot of food and space. Because of this, zagushchat landing is not recommended. Bushes are planted so that about 3 plants are placed in a square place.

Important! When planting a tomato, you can add a little wood ash or humus in the pits to increase the nutritional value of the earth if it is not fertilized in advance.

Tomato care

With proper care, the tomato grandee is pleased with abundant yield and rich fruit flavor.

  • In open ground, a tomato grandee grows not very tall bush - up to 70 cm. And yet he needs regular garter. In addition, during fruiting, you may need a garter not only of the main stem, but also of the brushes, because they can break under the weight of the fruit.
  • Watering is abundant, with a frequency of 2-3 days during fruiting and flowering. Before flowering will be enough and 1 watering per week. Water consumption per square meter - 20 liters.

    Soil loosening in tomato cultivation The grandee is a mandatory and very important procedure

  • Loosening the soil during the cultivation of tomato Grandee - a mandatory and very important procedure. Without proper aeration, the roots will not be able to fully develop, and the plant will be weak, lean. Loosening is carried out after each irrigation, when water is absorbed into the ground and after rains. At the same time it is necessary to remove all the weeds that fall under the hoe. But it is desirable to remove not only the ground part of the weeds, but also the root!
  • The formation of bushes can not hold, because they grow low. However, many gardeners spend forming in 2 stalks to increase productivity.
  • Top dressing for the Velzhmozh variety is extremely necessary for the bush to fully bear fruit. Most nutrition is required for flowering and fruiting. At this time, make potassium and phosphorus. You can use complex fertilizers, or separately buy these minerals and interfere with them in the right concentration. The main thing is not to overdo it with the dosage. From high-quality fertilizers can be advised Urea, Superphosphate, Potassium Sulfate, Diammofosku, Humate, Bio Vita.

    Fertilizers for fertilizing tomatoes of Velmozh

  • From diseases it is necessary to be afraid, first of all, a brown spot. To combat it, you must adjust the light mode and use garlic infusion for spraying. You can also use fungicides Maxim, Fundazol, Ridomil.
  • Pests in the greenhouse are rare, but in open ground tomatoes can be threatened by a spider mite. You can get rid of it with the help of a soap solution, which is wiped with leaves and stems, or simply irrigated. If there are too many pests, use the Aktellik, Karate or Fitoverm insecticides.
It is important! So that the earth does not dry up very quickly under the tomatoes, you can decompose in rows and between them, mulch.

Harvesting and processing

The harvest of tomatoes Velzhmozha after ripening fruits, when they become bright crimson. In this case, gardeners note that the fruits may hang on the branches for a long time and not deteriorate. It does not affect the taste. The only risk is cracking.

Tomatoes Velzhmozha can be used for winter harvesting

Harvest can be used for fresh consumption, cooking salads, snacks. Also, fruits are suitable for processing. They are put in soups, borscht, main dishes. It can also be used for winter preparations (borsch refueling, ketchups, sauces, juices). But this variety is unsuitable for conservation as a whole, because tomatoes are very large and simply do not pass into the jars. And when salting in barrels, they literally fall apart.

Reviews of variety of tomatoes Velmozh

According to the description of the variety, it follows that these are good tomatoes, suitable for cultivation on an industrial scale or in private farms. But what is the opinion of them gardeners?

  • Valeria Tikhaya: “I grow tomatoes for food and for sale. But if the cream and simple, red varieties go on sale, then the grandee tomato is grown only for food. They are, of course, in demand, but they are not suitable for transportation at all - the flesh is crumpled, the skin cracks on the road, as a result, completely unsuitable for sale fruits come to the market! But you can’t say that the variety is bad - you can’t find food better. The tomatoes are very tasty, with a high content of juice, beautiful, sweet. So every year I plant them for my families!".
  • Dmitry Petrov: “He grew different types of tomatoes, but it was the grandee, my pet. They have a rich flavor, the pulp is sweet and tender. They even feel sorry for putting in a salad - it’s best to eat just from the garden, fresh! Interesting is that in the greenhouse the variety gives larger fruits, and in the open field - sweeter. Last year, the summer was hot and sunny, so the first crop was harvested in early July when grown through seedlings, but usually tomatoes ripen by mid-summer. "
  • Nastya Zvenova: "Tomato Velzhmozha has been planting on the site for more than 5 years. I can replace other varieties, but not this one - it is the best among the pink giants! Care for them is not difficult. During fruiting, make it easier for the bushes, some tomatoes are picked green and I put it in the sun. A few days later they are ready to eat, and new ovaries appear on the bushes. So, in terms of crop yield, the variety is excellent. Most of the crop goes for processing (pastes, sauces, ketchups, juice), only the largest fruits. Recommend for I can grow both beginner gardeners and professionals. "