Variety of cucumbers Phoenix


Cucumber Phoenix are famous for high yield and versatility of fruits. On sale you can find seeds Phoenix, Phoenix 640 and Phoenix Plus. At the same time, few people know that Phoenix and Phoenix 640 are the same variety. For convenience, the 640 marking is sometimes simply omitted. Details about these species and their features can be found in this article.

Description varieties Phoenix

Under the name Phoenix there are 2 types of cucumbers. Cucumber variety Phoenix, was created in the 80s of XX century, the Russian breeder. Later, an earlier variety of this variety appeared. In the description of the varieties presented below, you can find out what their similarities and distinctive features are.

Under the name Phoenix there are 2 types of cucumbers

  • Phoenix or Phoenix 640, as it is sometimes called, is a demanded variety of cucumbers. In 1993, he was listed in the State Register of Russia. Recommended for cultivation in the Lower Volga, North Caucasus, Central regions of Russia. Late variety (50-62 days), needs pollination. Indeterminate bush, without growth control, can reach 3 meters or more. The shape of the fruit is cylindrical, simple, with small mounds and white spikes. Length up to 17 cm, weight about 150 g. Appointment salad.
  • Phoenix Plus is a younger variety of Phoenix variety. Included in the state register of Russia in 2005 and recommended for cultivation in the open ground of the North Caucasus region or the Volga region. The variety is mid-season, it requires pollination by bees - flowers of the female type. Indeterminate bush, with small light green leaves. Zelentsy average (50-70 g), spindle-shaped, dark green color with thin strips. The tubercles are small. Appointment salad.
Important! The cucumber Phoenix differs in the average sizes of a fruit and excellent taste. The skin is always without bitterness, and the pulp contains a lot of juice.

Characteristics of cucumbers Phoenix

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Depending on the variety, the Phoenix cucumber can have certain qualities inherent only to it.

Variety of cultureRipeningResilience Immunity Yield
Phoenix or Phoenix 640LateTo cold snaps, adverse growing conditionsFalse and powdery mildew4.5-6 kg / m. sq. Fruiting stretched
Phoenix plusMid seasonTo drought, heatPTO, real and downy mildew5-6 kg / m. sq. Extended fruiting

As can be seen, the varieties described are slightly different. It should be borne in mind that the features of planting and care are almost the same.

Planting Phoenix cucumbers seed method

Planting Phoenix cucumbers is recommended in permeable, aerated soil. Acidity should be in the range of 6.3-7.2. Land before planting should be fertilized with humus, mineral fertilizers. If the soil is clay, then peat and sand are also added. The site is chosen light, sunny, protected from strong winds.

Interesting! Professional gardeners recommend planting cucumbers on plots where cabbage or potatoes used to grow.

Planting Phoenix Cucumber Seeds

You can grow a variety of Phoenix seeds or seedling method. In the case of seed planting, you need to wait until the earth warms up to +15 degrees (from mid-April to early June) and only then sow the cucumbers.

If the seeds are not treated with them before sowing, incubate for 15 minutes in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, and then dried. The depth of sowing seeds is 2-3 cm. It is easiest to sow in the wells located at a distance of 30-40 cm from each other. You can put 2-3 seeds in one hole, and when they germinate, leave only one, the strongest sprout. After sowing, the seeds are covered with earth, watered. Cucumbers germinate at a temperature of + 20 ... +30 degrees, and already in 3-7 days, under favorable conditions, shoots can be observed.

Planting cucumbers Phoenix seedlings

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When growing crops by seedling, planting in the greenhouse is carried out in May, and in open ground - in June. Seedlings begin to harvest 25 days before planting. The substrate is prepared from 2 parts of peat, the same amount of humus and 1 part of sawdust. For nutritional value, it is recommended to add several tablespoons of wood ash. Growing seedlings is best in paper or peat cups.

It is important! In the shade, cucumbers develop slowly, often fall ill, and the green leaves themselves have less pleasant taste and can taste bitter.

Planting cucumber Phoenix seedlings

Seeds are planted 2-2.5 cm deep and watered. From above the container is covered with a film and kept at a temperature of + 20 ... + 30 degrees until sprouts appear. With 12 hours of coverage, regular watering, daily ventilation (for 15-30 minutes), the shoots will appear for 3-7 days.

Planting seedlings of cucumbers Phoenix to a permanent place in need of holes. By the time of the final transplantation, there should be 3 truly developed leaves on the sprouts. The land before this is well fluffed, watered and then planted. On average, about 3-4 plants are planted per square meter. After this procedure, the ground can be mulched, but it is not necessary.

Care for planting cucumbers

With proper care, Phoenix cucumber can please a very large, high-quality crop.

  • It is recommended to grow Phoenix cucumbers on a trellis because they can grow very high, especially in a greenhouse. They begin to tie up after the appearance of 4 leaves.

    Grow Phoenix cucumbers recommended on the trellis

  • Watering is done exceptionally warm, separated by water, after sunset. Water the bushes can be under the root or by sprinkling. Before flowering, water is applied once a week, after the appearance of buds - once in 3 days.
  • After watering, it is necessary to loosen the soil so that it does not compact very much. Good aeration - a pledge of healthy, strong bushes.
  • Since the bushes can grow very high, it is necessary to remove all previous stepchildren after the appearance of 3 leaves. Thus, a strong root system will be formed, and cucumbers will give more yield. The same procedure is done after the appearance of the 8th leaf.
  • To stimulate the growth of new roots, you can spud the bushes 1-2 times per season.
  • Fertilizers are applied every 2 weeks from the beginning of flowering. Before the appearance of the ovaries, you can use litter or mullein (a weak solution), and when young cucumbers appear, it is better to use superphosphate at a concentration of 35 g / 10 l of water.

Harvesting and processing

Phoenix Cucumber salad variety, but they can also be salted or canned

Depending on the type and place of planting, Phoenix Plus cucumber can be collected from mid-May to late September. A variety of Phoenix 640 collected from August to September. Phoenix is ​​resistant to early cold snaps, and can continue to bear fruit until the end of September or even until mid-October. But, it is not recommended to overrun the greens on the bushes, because their taste deteriorates when overriding.

Phoenix cucumbers of any kind are primarily intended for salads, appetizers, that is, fresh consumption. However, given the small size of green leaves and pleasant taste, they can also be salted or canned.

Important! The harvest of cucumbers Phoenix is ​​better to collect every day, because the greens can outgrow and deteriorate right on the bush. And overripe fruits have not only a less pronounced taste, but also a hard skin.

Reviews gardeners on the variety of cucumbers Phoenix

Opinions of gardeners about the variety of cucumbers Phoenix, are presented below.

  • Daria Merkushina: “I plant a cucumber Phoenix 640 every year. Among many other species that I have tried in cultivation, on my plot, a high yield shows, for some reason, Phoenix. I sow seed, this is easier, but I always cover plantings with foil. Crop is good for salads, and for winter harvesting. I gather fruits until late autumn. After harvesting, the crop can lie in the refrigerator for a long time, do not spoil and lose taste. So I recommend for planting - the variety is very good! ".
  • Maxim Palkin: “Phoenix seeds of cucumbers were purchased for the first time last year, for planting with seeds. They were sown in open ground, under film, to sprout more quickly, but at least it was stated on the packaging that they were sprouting in a week, they had to wait for about 14 days to germinate. All! The harvest pleased with the quantity and taste. The greens are sweetish, very juicy, crunch. Ate fresh, not enough for preservation! "
  • Vlad Zharkov: “I grow cucumbers at the dacha every year, but I often change varieties. The Phoenix Plus variety was tried 2 years ago. Its main advantage is its yield. It gives a lot of beautiful Zelentsovo as for sale, and quite tasty. Harvest can be harvested for several months without a break , but regular feeding and proper care are needed, otherwise the bushes dry and die. I use the crop in salads and for pickling. "