What to process cabbage


Cabbage can be sick with many diseases and be affected by various pests. At the same time, its appearance, taste, development is hampered, and development is inhibited, and it is stored very badly because of this. To save plants from possible danger, gardeners carry out medical and preventive treatments with specialized or folk remedies. How to process cabbage in one way or another is described in this article.

Soaking and processing cabbage seeds

Cabbage processing begins already from the moment of sowing the seeds. Proper treatment of cabbage seeds reduces the risk of diseases, pests. In addition, these seeds are usually much faster and more friendly germinate.

Seed preparation and processing is usually carried out in several stages.

  1. After sorting, antifungal seed treatment is done. To do this, they are placed in hot water (temperature + 48 ... +50) for 15-20 minutes. After that, they are immediately transferred to cold water for 2–3 minutes and dried.
  2. To prevent the development of diseases, it is possible to pickle the seeds with a 1% solution of potassium permanganate for 25 minutes before sowing.
  3. It is good to use for disinfection also preparations like Baktofit, Planriz, Albit, Maxim, Fitosporin-M and the like.

    Preparations for the disinfection of cabbage seeds

    Depending on the product, the instructions for making the solution and the processing time may vary.

  4. For the best germination of seeds, they are soaked in a nutrient solution for 12 hours. For processing, you can use the drug "Epin", "Gumat", "Zircon" or the like. After aging in one of these agents, the seeds are washed and dried.
Important! If you do not have the time or the opportunity to carry out preventive treatment of seeds, you can purchase special, imported seeds for planting that have already been processed in factories. It is very easy to recognize them - they are painted in a bright color.

Prepared and processed before planting the seeds of cabbage, quickly germinate and give friendly shoots. Such cabbage does not suffer from almost anything and is not affected by pests, especially at an early stage of development.

How to treat cabbage for pests

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The appearance of pests on cabbage is a natural process when growing a crop. If insects are not dealt with, they will spoil the appearance of the cabbage, head itself, or lead to the death of the plant. So, than to treat cabbage from pests?

  • From flea cruciferous can be sprayed cabbage with a solution of 7% vinegar, infusion of chicken manure, water with spruce oil, or just pollinate with ash, tobacco dust. Such folk remedies can effectively deal with the pest. But, if there are a lot of pests on cabbage, folk recipes will not help. In this case, Detsis Expert, Detsis Profi, Atom, Borey, Aktara and similar preparations are used for flea drugs.
  • The same remedies as from the cruciferous flea can be used in the fight against cabbage whitefish. But in this case the burdock extract also helps well.
  • Cabbage Aphid - It is a serious pest that can destroy cabbage plantations, if not deal with it. Most often seedlings or adult plants from aphids, gardeners are treated with anabasin sulfate or metaphos dust. You can use and folk remedies, if not a lot of insects. For example, tobacco dust, milky-iodine mixture and soap infusion help well.

    Insecticides to control whitefly

  • White fly - the malicious enemy of the gardeners, destroying the cabbage. It is possible to fight the larvae unless manually, because they are covered with a protective wax composition. And from adults whitefly help insecticides "Decis Profi", "Aktara", "Borey".
  • Cabbage Mole and cabbage scoop Do not tolerate wood ash. Applying it to dusting sprouts, you can not fear for the appearance of these pests. In the case when the plant already has this pest, you can use the insecticide "Altyn", "Atom", "Borey", "Sensei".
  • Slugs and snails afraid of yeast brew. If there are many of them at the site, you can use this solution to treat cabbage, then the pests will bypass the useful vegetable side.
It is important! You can get rid of pests on the site only through systematic treatments with folk or specialized means.

Cabbage Disease Treatment

When growing cabbage gardener can face many diseases that affect seedlings or already grown up cabbage. How to treat cabbage so that it does not hurt?

  • When white rot or powdery mildew appears, seedlings and adult plants are treated with a weak solution of copper sulfate, Bordeaux mixture, or other preparations based on copper.
  • Black leg is difficult to cure. The easiest way to prevent illness is to treat the seeds before sowing with strong fungicides (Planriz, Fundazol). Land with plants can also be sprayed with these preparations or copper sulfate. Chance to save cabbage is small, but in some cases, these tools help. If cultures continue to perish, they are pulled out and burned behind a site.

    Fungicides for the prevention of black leg cabbage

  • When vascular bacteriosis appears, you can treat the cabbage with brilliant green with iodine. These two substances are mixed in a ratio of 1: 2 and diluted with 10 liters of water. The second option, just use brilliant green with water. On a bucket of water enough 15 drops of zelenka.

Before planting and during the development of the head of cabbage, cabbage can be affected by various diseases. It is impossible to protect young shoots or seeds from all of them. Preventive measures are best carried out, first of all, from those diseases that often affect cultures.

Disease prevention

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Some diseases of cabbage can not be cured, because effective means simply does not exist. You can only try to restore the strength of the plant, but in the end it still dies, and the disease passes to neighboring cultures. The only method of struggle is to prevent illness by conducting preventive measures.

  • From Kila, unfortunately, no treatment can help. When this disease appears, all the affected plants are dug up and burned to prevent the spread of the disease. But to prevent such a disease, it is possible to cultivate the land for seedlings with a 1% solution of potassium permanganate.
Important! Kiel virus can live in the earth for more than 5 years. So it is important to calcine or disinfect the soil that is used for planting.
  • There is no effective treatment for fusarium and mosaic. With the appearance of these ailments, you must immediately destroy all affected cultures. And the rest of the cabbage to provide quality care. To prevent these diseases, you can spray the earth with copper sulphate.
  • Downy mildew appears at temperatures above +20 degrees. If the disease has appeared, it is impossible to cope with it. But it is easy to prevent, you just need to soak the seeds in the preparation "Planriz" before planting.

Processing seeds, seedlings before planting, as well as adult cabbage, allows you to destroy even the most annoying pests and diseases, and then collect a large, high-quality crop. Healthy cabbage is always stored longer, has a natural taste. So it is important when caring for a culture, to monitor its condition, inspect it in time to intervene and carry out a wellness treatment.