Drinkers for chickens


The performance of chickens, their health, appearance, depends not only on feeding or habitat, but also on what water and from which they drink. Drinkers for chickens make different types. Some of them are easy to do yourself, others are available for sale at one price or another, but in any case, before buying or making a drinker, it is worth weighing the pros and cons. Do not forget that the drinking bowl must be comfortable for both chickens and breeders, who will have to clean and fill it with water.

What should be the drinking bowl for chickens?

Criteria for choosing a drinker for hens

Before you decide on the type of chicken drinker for your farm, it is worth exploring what qualities it should have.

  1. Convenience for birds. Of course, the drinking bowl must meet the needs of the hens and roosters who will use it. You can not buy for drinking chickens, designed for ducks, quail, and even more animals like pigs, rabbits, etc.
  2. A convenient drinking bowl should also be for a breeder, because it is he who will clean it, fill it with water. It can be any design, but the main thing is that it can be taken out of the hen house, cleaned, filled at any time.
  3. Durability and stability are important qualities. Chickens and roosters may differ in activity, which leads to confusion in the chicken coop and on the range. It is not difficult for them to turn over a small container, a bowl of sand, a feeder and a drinker, if it is light. Therefore, you should pay attention to the drinkers, which have an average weight, stable shape, durable material.
  4. The drinking bowl must be safe: high-quality material and its proper processing. For example, in many metal structures there are sharp edges, and this is dangerous, certain metals can also rust, and poor-quality plastic can release harmful substances into water or air.
  5. And finally - the purity of water. Increasingly, breeders are acquiring closed-type water tanks, as they are more beneficial. The water in them needs to be changed infrequently, it is polluted slowly, which means that birds rarely get sick and feel great, as they have constant access to fresh, clean water. The advantage is that closed containers allow you to add vitamins and minerals to water without the fear that chickens will turn over capacity and expensive supplements will end up on the floor.

Types of drinkers for chickens

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Types of drinkers for chickens

Even the old can or plastic box installed on the floor can be a drinker for chickens. The main thing is to put enough water in it. However, such containers are unreliable, and the water in them is quickly polluted, so even though earlier this was how drinkers for chickens (for the most part) looked like, more practical and convenient types are popular today.

  • Vacuum designs are very convenient in everyday life. Water is replenished in the "trough" for drinking as it is emptied. But you need to be able to work with them and they often break if they are of poor quality, so saving them is not the best idea.
  • Nipple drinkers for chickens have proven to be a simple and affordable look for everyone. They have many advantages: accessible, functional, safe and easy to use.
Important! Small, open drinkers are usually used for chickens, as it is easy to work with them. But for big birds they are not practical.
  • Cup designs are a container (bowl) from which chickens will drink, where water is supplied from the barrel. Both of these containers are connected by a hose.
  • Siphon drinkers are made of their glass with a siphon system and a pallet, where the water is supplied. Such drinking bowls can be floor, suspended, on legs.
  • Simple drinkers - metal or plastic basins, boxes filled with water and installed on the floor of the chicken coop. Although this is the most affordable option, it is also the most undesirable because it has a lot of drawbacks: rapid contamination of the fluid, the need to change and clean the container often, chickens overturn them, and the risk of infection increases.

In addition, the drinkers are made from different materials: plastic, metal, glass, wood and have different sizes.

How to choose drinkers for chickens?

Choosing drinkers for chickens

When choosing a drinker for chickens, the breeder needs to pay attention not only to its type, but also to quality and some other points. The purchase of a drinker in a store does not always justify itself, especially if the budget is small. What is worth paying attention to?

  1. It must comply with the qualities described in the first paragraph of the article.
  2. It is advisable to select a product of a famous manufacturer.
  3. The price should not be too tempting. A lot of money is spent on making a good design, so you should not count on a low price.
  4. Dyes should not be handled. Sometimes brightly colored plastic, metal, wood can be taken on hand. If during the inspection of the goods, the buyer sees that his hands are painted, then this is a bad drinking bowl. This paint easily gets into the water, and then in the stomachs of birds.
  5. The drinking bowl must be simple, concise, understandable to use.
  6. The size is picked in accordance with the number of individuals.

How to make a drinker for chickens with your own hands?

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Drinker for chickens with their own hands

It is easy to buy drinkers for chickens in an agricultural store or on the Internet, but they do not always justify their price. In order not to overpay, you can make a drinking bowl for chickens with your own hands. Below are the options available and fairly simple to implement.

  • Take a bottle (plastic) of any displacement. In addition to the bottle, a bowl is needed where the liquid will flow. A metal, wire or wooden frame is made against the wall (to hold the bottle neck down). A container is placed under the frame where water will flow (purchased or selected container). Now the bottle is filled, the lid closes and is installed in the frame with the neck down. It is very important that there is a distance (small) between the neck and the bottom of the bowl. Now you need to slightly unscrew the lid (but not remove) and the water will flow into the bowl in sufficient quantity.

It is important! So that in a bottle drinker the water does not overflow from the bowl, it is important to ensure that the edges of its sides are higher than the bottom of the bottle neck.

  • For a large chicken coop, drinkers are often made from sewer pipes. In this case, a pipe with a diameter of about 10 cm is taken. Rectangular holes are cut in it (from which chickens will drink). They should be up to 30 cm long, and so wide that it is comfortable for the chickens. Between the rectangular holes they keep a distance of up to 15 cm. Tees with plugs are made at the two ends of the pipe for supplying and draining water (you can connect to the water supply and make a valve). Now it remains to attach the pipe to the wall with clamps or some other method and the device is ready.
  • To make a nipple drinker you need to take a bucket or a similar container (liquid will be poured into it). Then several holes are made in its bottom into which nipples need to be fixed (they can be purchased in the store). It remains to fill the bucket with water, close the lid and hang.

Drinkers for chickens are of different types and are selected according to needs. For a small farm, a small nipple will be enough, and for a large farm, a construction made of a pipe is more likely to allow it to quickly fill and drain old water. But, in addition, such a drinking bowl should be convenient for cleaning and adding trace elements to the water (if necessary). So, before deciding whether to consider different options, and perhaps even try out some of them at the farm, this will allow us to understand which type of drinker is the best in a given case.