Potato variety Zest


Raisin potatoes - a new variety obtained in VNIIKH them. A. G. Lorkha, not yet included in the State Register of Russia. This is a fruitful variety of potato, resistant to many diseases. Despite the fact that the variety is young, it has already been tested by amateur farmers and professional farmers. This article presents the characteristics of the variety and the characteristics of its cultivation.

Description varieties Zest

Zest refers to the average maturity varieties. Potatoes can be harvested already in 80-110 days of ripening. Bushes grow about 50-70 cm in height. Shoots are standing, intermediate type. The leaves are medium or large, light green in color, with a glossy face, without a gun. Flowering occurs about 4 weeks after germination. The corolla is red-violet, large.

Flowering occurs after about 4 weeks, flowers are red-purple, large

Interesting! Potato Raisin is recommended for cultivation in the Central and Southern region of Russia.

The root crop has a red skin with yellow dots. The mass of ripe potatoes is about 90-120 g. The shape is round, oblong. The flesh is white with a yellow tinge. Taste is pleasant, saturated. Fresh and boiled, the flesh does not darken.

Characteristics of potato Raisin

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The variety has a number of unique characteristics that distinguish it among other varieties of potatoes.

  • The variety is not afraid of a long drought.
  • There is a high immunity to potato cancer, nematode, rhizoctoniosis, Alternaria. Medium resistance is observed to late blight and fomoz. But the scab plant can often be affected.

    About 15 medium-sized potatoes can be harvested from a bush.

  • Productivity in the range of 50-55 t / ha. About 15 medium-sized potatoes can be harvested from a bush.
  • Commercial quality at the level of 85-93%.
  • Harvest can be stored up to 10 months.
  • Refers to table varieties. Tastes are estimated at 4.5 points out of 5. The starch content is 17-19%.
It is important! The taste of potatoes Zest appears only after full aging. For this reason, young tubers are not eaten - they are practically tasteless.

How to plant potatoes

The potato has a red skin with yellow dots. The flesh is white with a yellow tinge

Beautiful productive potatoes grow only when properly planted. But how to plant potatoes Zest? Land for planting is sunny, without water stagnation. Land before planting fertilized with humus, minerals. If it is already fertile, you can not do that. Landing is carried out after the earth warms up to +10 degrees, not earlier.

Tubers must be germinated in advance and processed with a weak solution of potassium permanganate to eliminate the development of diseases. Alternatively, use drugs "Maxim" and "Prestige". You can also treat the tubers with growth stimulants, fertilizers ("Poteytin", "Mikom"), but this is not necessary.

Important! If you damage potato sprout Zest in the spring, it will recover for a very long time. So landing work is done carefully. They do not throw potatoes into the holes, but put them in order not to damage the sprouts!

Landing can be carried out by any method, but in compliance with the basic requirements. To begin with, it is important to ensure that the depth of the tubers is no more than 12 cm in light ground, 10 cm in loam and 5 cm in clayey soil, otherwise the tubers will germinate for a very long time. The distance between the pits for planting is 30-50 cm, and between the rows - 70 cm. A thicker landing leads to a decrease in yield. After landing, the aisle must be watered.

Beautiful productive potatoes grow only when properly planted.

Care Grade Raisin

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Caring for this variety is not time consuming, but without compliance with basic norms, it will not be possible to reap a large crop.

  • Watering is carried out in the evening. You need to make water only when the earth begins to dry, otherwise rot may develop. The bush should take about 3 liters of water.
  • So that the earth is not taken by the crust, and the roots have enough oxygen, it is necessary after each irrigation, when the water is absorbed, to loosen the earth. During loosening it is also worth removing weeds so that they do not interfere with the culture to fully develop.
  • Top dressing is done several times during the period of potato development. In the spring, it is advisable to make a solution of urea (1 tbsp. Per 10 liters of water) - make up to 500 ml of solution under the bush. During flowering, you can make a solution of mullein (1 liter of liquid mullein per 10 liters of water) or bird droppings (1:10 ratio with water). Mineral fertilizers diluted and applied according to the instructions will not interfere, but they are used up to 3 times a year. To increase the yield, you can make a phosphoric, foliar top dressing (10 liters of water are taken per 100 g of superphosphate). 10 liters of this solution is enough to handle 10 squares of the plot.

    Hilling done 2 times per season

  • Hilling done 2 times per season. The first time it is needed, when the greens germinate by 15-20 cm, and the second - after another 2 weeks.
  • Sick potato is rarely rare, but in the event of signs of illness, it is better not to delay the treatment. Among the strong biological agents, we can recommend Trikhotsin, Gamair, and Alirin-B. Of the chemicals, gardeners often use Bordeaux Liquid, CELEST TOP, and Acrobat MC.
  • Among the pests, the Colorado potato beetle causes the most problems. It is resistant to most insecticides, so that experienced gardeners simply collect it by hand. And from other pests can help drugs "Regent", "Karate", "Actin", "Zolon" and the like.
Interesting! Many gardeners recommend plucking the flower stalks, after they appear, so that the plant does not waste force on them. This procedure should be done only with gloves so that the plant juice does not fall on your hands.

Among the pests most problems from the Colorado potato beetle

Harvesting and storage

A sign that soon need to harvest, is considered faded tops. Digging is carried out in dry weather. 2 weeks before it is worth cutting the greens, leaving small hemp for reference. The bushes separately break through with a pitchfork, shovel and lay potatoes on the ground to dry out. The next day, when the potatoes are salted, they are sorted and sorted.

The storage room for the root must be dark, dry, with well-adjusted ventilation. Storage temperature + 2 ... +4 degrees. Correctly sorted tubers that are stored under proper conditions, can lie for about 10 months, without losing taste and external qualities.

Potato Zest is recommended, above all, for cooking, because it is well boiled soft. From it make a gentle mash or just eat slices. It is suitable for baking.

Potato Zest is recommended, above all, for cooking, because it is well boiled soft

Reviews of gardeners about the potato variety Zest

Opinions of gardeners about the potato variety Zest are found both positive and negative.

  • Evgeniy Shvets: “Every year, in addition to proven varieties of potatoes, I plant another 1-2 new ones for sample. Potato Raisin planted last year. There was no big trouble to grow, but in terms of yield it did not show itself from the best sides. Potatoes under the bushes were few, size the tubers are not impressed, and the taste is quite simple. I will not plant more. "
  • Olesya Gunko: “I grow potatoes for sale, and the Raisin variety has been in great demand among buyers for the second year. They love it for a smooth skin (easy to peel), keeping quality and a pleasant taste after cooking. But I should note that the thicker you plant this potato, the smaller the tubers matures under the bushes! So, planting and care should be carried out according to the rules, then the culture will pay for the labor spent on it. "
  • Yegor Nikitin: “I plant potatoes Zest is not the first time. The variety is new, but good. 15-20 potatoes grow medium size under the bush. The taste is decent, ideal for cooking, but it’s better to choose another variety for frying. There are no serious problems in terms of growing , especially pleased with his resistance to disease - you need a minimum of preventive sprays. "