The best varieties of pink tomatoes


Pink tomatoes differ from yellow, red and other species not only in color, but also in qualitative characteristics. Usually they are sweeter, have a universal purpose, and therefore it is possible to grow one such variety for conservation, fresh consumption, freezing, use in the preparation of various dishes. The varieties of pink tomatoes, their cultivation features and quality characteristics will be described below in the article.

Early varieties of pink tomatoes

Early tomato varieties need about 90-100 days to ripen. Gardeners are trying to grow varieties of pink tomatoes of early ripening in order to get a quick harvest for sale or for summer preservation.

Pink Tomato Varieties

  • "Miracle of the Earth" ripens in 90 days after planting seedlings to a permanent place. It is grown in the greenhouse or in the open field. Bush grows up to a meter in height, can not be tied up. The fruits ripen even with a lack of sun. The average weight of a tomato is 400 g, the yield is 15 kg / m. sq.
  • "Pink Honey" can be grown in very bad greenhouse conditions. This variety of pink tomatoes grows to one meter in height, so the garter is held as needed. Ripening occurs on the 100th day after planting seedlings. Fruits can weigh up to 1.5 kg, so the number of fruits on one plant must be controlled. All unnecessary breaks, if necessary, supports are installed or a garter is made so that large fruits can develop freely.

Interesting! Pink tomatoes give maximum yield and rich, sweetish taste only with timely and high-quality care.

  • Pink Spam F1 is a hybrid of a bullish heart. It is grown exclusively in greenhouses. It is distinguished by its resistance to diseases, but is often affected by late blight. Ripens in 85-100 days. Needs a garter. Fruits grow to 250 grams. The taste is very sweet. Productivity from a bush - 10-12 kg.

Mid-season varieties of pink tomatoes

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Mid-season varieties of pink tomatoes are in great demand. They ripen for 10-15 days longer, than early, but have richer taste, and care of them is much easier.

Mid-season varieties of pink tomatoes

  • "Abakansky" - Altai variety, ripening for 110 days on average, but sometimes longer. Bushes grow up to 50-60 cm in height, compact, but it is not recommended to plant them thickly, as this will reduce the yield. The average weight of each fruit is 275 g. Tomatoes of this variety are sweetish and sour, very juicy, therefore they are often used to make juices.
  • "Pear" ripens in 110-115 days. Can be grown in open and closed ground. Bushes grow to 50-70 cm, not stepson. Fruits are pear-shaped, weight - 90-120 g. Taste is pleasant, with sourness. Can be stored for a long time, do not crack when overripe. Application is universal.
  • "Pink Giant" has very tall, developed bushes, so it is grown more often on the trellis. This allows him to maximize their potential. Tomatoes an average of 500 g, a record copies reach 2 kg of weight. The fruits are very juicy, sweet, used for fresh consumption, juices, salads.

Late pink tomato varieties

Late varieties of tomatoes ripen last, but their taste is always excellent. Fruits during growth have time to get juice, sweets. They have tender and juicy pulp, excellent product quality.

Late pink tomato varieties

  • "De Barao Pink" ripens 3.5-4 months. To get the harvest as early as possible (especially in the middle and northern bands), you need to plant it before all other species. De Barao are distinguished by smooth, oval fruits, saturated color, small size (50-70 g). They can not only be eaten fresh, but also canned. Approximate yield from a bush - 4 kg.

Interesting! To keep the tomatoes lying for a long time and not spoiling fresh, they need to be put in a dark, dry place.

  • "Bobcat" ripens in about 4 months. The average fruit weight is 300 g, they are slightly flattened on top. Not afraid of bad weather: drought, frequent rain, lack of sunlight. To fruit were juicy, they need to be fertilized in a timely manner.
  • "Wild Rose" is one of the large varieties of pink tomatoes late ripening. Fruit weight can be 600 grams, sometimes more. It is worth noting that the variety is incredibly naughty. He needs the correct moisture of the earth, nutritious soil, timely planting, which must be loosened as often as possible. Productivity from a bush of 6 kg.

The best varieties of pink tomatoes for greenhouses

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The greatest yields of tomatoes are usually removed from plants grown in greenhouses. But not all varieties of pink tomatoes can be grown indoors. Therefore, before buying those or other seeds is to examine their characteristics.

The best varieties of pink tomatoes for greenhouses

  • "Tsunami" ripens in 105 days from the date of planting seedlings in the ground. It grows up to 60 cm in height, it takes not much space, for which it is valued by gardeners with small areas. Not tied up, but stepson to increase yields. 6-8 sprouts per square meter. Needs regular treatment against pests and diseases. Fruits are flat and round. Productivity 4 kg / bush. Used to make salads, juice.
  • "Pink flamingo" ripens in 115-120 days. This is an indeterminate variety, so it is grown on a trellis. There are 4 saplings per square meter. Fruits up to 200 g have a delicate pink color and a sweetish taste. In the care and planting is not demanding - you need to follow standard rules.
  • "Cardinal" - Indeterminantny variety of pink tomatoes, growing up to 1.8 meters in height. Maturation occurs in about 110 days. The fruits are large, weighing 500-600 g. The shape of the fruit is a bit like a heart, and the taste is tomato, sweetish. Productivity - 15 kg / m. sq. This is a rather capricious variety that needs timely garter, dressing, and pasynkovane.

Interesting! Variety tomato "Cardinal" has a rich aroma, which comes from both the fruit and the bushes.

  • "Early Love" - An early form of pink tomatoes. Grows a bush up to 70 cm in height. Up to 6 seedlings are planted per square meter. Unpretentious, but needs frequent soil loosening. It can withstand prolonged drought, has good immunity. Ripe tomatoes are pink, slightly flattened, weighing up to 400 g.
  • "Pink Heart" gives the first, ripened fruits in 115 days after planting sprouts in the greenhouse. It requires pinching and garter, can be grown on a trellis. The fruits are heart-shaped, weighing on average up to 200 g. However, the first fruits of the season can reach 400 g. The yield is 6 kg / m. sq.

Pink Tomatoes with Small Fruits

The varieties of pink tomatoes are famous for their sweet taste, so they are most often grown for fresh consumption. These are usually large-fruited varieties that do not take up much space on the site, but produce a large crop: "Ox heart", "Pink Giant" and so on. But small-fruited varieties are also popular for canning as a whole, for fresh consumption and decoration of various dishes.

Small varieties for canning in general

  • "Pink Raisin" growing to 1.5 meters in height, so he needs a garter. Ripening occurs on the 90th day after planting the seedlings. On each brush matures up to 50 beautiful tomatoes. The shape of the fruit is elongated, like fresh grapes. Weight 50-150 g. Tomatoes are fleshy, sweet, have 2-3 cameras. Well kept right on the branches. For each plant, up to 6 kg of crop is removed per season.
  • "Pink Pearl" can be grown in open field, in a greenhouse or on a balcony. Ripens in 85-95 days when using seedlings, rarely affects diseases. Fruits grow in long clusters. Tomatoes after ripening have a weight of 90-100 g, with two or three chambers, pink and almost round like a pearl. Stored easily and for a long time, which is one of the advantages of the variety. Productivity from a bush of 4-5 kg.
  • "Arctic" - superearly variety of raspberry-pink tomato. Maturation occurs in 70-80 days. Grows a bush up to 40 cm in height. Tomatoes are almost round, up to 15 grams. Each has 2 cameras. It can be grown up in an open ground, the greenhouse, on a balcony or a loggia. The yield per square meter - 1.7-2.5 kg.
  • "Pink Pear" in open ground it grows up to 1.8 meters, and in the open ground - 2.1 meters. It is recommended to form in one stem. The ripening of this variety of pink tomatoes occurs on average in 116-122 days. Tomatoes have a bright pink color, pear-shaped. Weight 70-80 g, but when grown in a greenhouse a little more. Productivity - 9-10,7 kg / m. square. (4 plants).
  • "Pink Angel" - determinant early tomato. It grows a small bush up to 40 cm in the open field, not stepson. Bushes planted very densely. There are 5-7 plants per square meter. Tomatoes are round in shape, weigh up to 80 g. Good for pickling, for fresh consumption, salads. There is resistance to phytophthora.