What can not feed the rabbits


Proper diet for the rabbit is very important. If you feed an animal with something harmful, it will sooner or later affect its health, the condition of its fur, and its teeth. What can not be fed rabbits at home, and what products are dangerous for him, will be described below in the article.

Conditionally allowed products

There are a number of products that can harm the rabbits, but which are allowed as a treat or encouragement.

Cabbage as a treat for a rabbit

  • Cucumber cucumbers are eaten with great eagerness, but they lead to bloating of the stomach even in small doses. They should be given only without a core in small pieces as a treat, but not daily!
  • White cabbage also leads to flatulence. Rabbits can be given only small, dried leaves.
  • Bread should not be given, it is not in the wild, therefore it is not necessary to feed it with cellular contents. But as a treat, it is often used.
  • Nuts like peanuts or walnuts, if given, are rarely the case. They are often added to the purchased feed, but in small doses.

Harmful dairy products

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Despite the fact that rabbits from birth, their mother drinks their milk with their milk, it is impossible to give them milk during adulthood for several reasons.

Dairy products should not be given to rabbits.

  1. The protein found in milk is of animal origin. For rabbits, it is necessary to plant protein.
  2. Rabbit milk and cows are two different products. Sour milk, kefir, cheese, cottage cheese are also mostly made from cow's milk. For rabbits, they are harmful even in small quantities.
  3. In purchased milk, sour cream, ryazhenka few natural ingredients and a lot of dyes, flavors, preservatives. Even to humans, they are harmful, and even more so for rabbits!

What cereal can harm?

Legumes only harm the rabbits

Grain - an essential part of the diet of rodents, and rabbits, including. Without grain, they simply will not survive, since it is the cereals that contain the vegetable protein they need. But there are some crops included in the list of what you can not feed the rabbits.

  • From black, red beans, young green peas will be bloating. Such legumes can not be given in any form, even if it is mashed.
  • Rice is low in fiber and can increase the amount of mucus in the stomach.
  • Millet, millet, rye in any form and even as an additive to the main feed can be harmful. They lead to an increase in mucus in the stomach, but, in addition, are too hard (especially rye) and the rabbit can just choke.

What fruits and vegetables can cause harm?

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Although fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals, some of them can cause harm to a furry animal. So, what can not feed the rabbits from fruits and vegetables? It is not recommended to give young or green potatoes, eggplants, radishes, onions, tomatoes, red cabbage, figs, avocados, mangoes, pineapples, citrus fruits.

Citrus rabbits to the detriment

In addition, it is important to note that even healthy vegetables for rabbits can be harmful if given in large quantities. Vegetables and fruits are juicy food. In large quantities, they lead to bloating, may disrupt the intestinal microflora. Therefore, the daily rate should be limited.

What herbs can not feed the rabbits?

Summer - a pair of juicy greens. Inexperienced breeders tear more grass for their rabbits, not paying attention to a variety of plants. But in the meadows there are many not only useful, but also poisonous grass for rabbits. What can not be fed rabbits from green?

Celandine - poison for the rabbit

The most poisonous plants for rabbits are: wild radish, dope, aconite, celandine, poisonous milestones, horned cornflower, spurge, horsetail, hemlock. Some of these herbs are considered curative for humans, but for a furry animal they can be deadly. In addition, it is impossible for rabbits to eat poppy, sleep-grass, buttercup. Such greens are poisonous for any rabbit, but if you can still try to save an adult pet, kids die from it in a matter of hours.

It is worth noting that even healthy grass should be given only in dried or dried form, and not fresh! From fresh grass in a rabbit can be bloating.

What should not be given to crawls

A number of products should not be given to rabbits ever, even as a treat. They can not only harm, but even lead to the death of the animal. Therefore, what can not feed the rabbits should know all the breeders!

  • Any meat products. Rabbits are herbivorous animals. Meat, poultry, fish are never included in their diet, as they are simply not digested by their stomach and moreover, a rare rabbit will eat such food.
  • Sweets in the form of sweet flour, cakes, sugar, sweets and similar products are strictly forbidden to give to rabbits. Such nutrition will immediately lead to the loss of teeth, and without them the animal will die. If the rabbit does not lose teeth, then gain excess weight and can spoil your stomach.

Rabbits are not meat eaters!

Acute products lead to irritation of mucous surfaces. Onions, like a person, comes into the eyes, the same applies to pepper, they burn the oral cavity. Rabbits after such a meal can drink water for a long time, feel bad, in rare cases need the help of a vet.