The sweetest carrot varieties


Carrots are a useful nutritional product that is used in the preparation of various dishes, preservation, and sometimes it is also frozen for winter. The sweetest carrot varieties stand out among a variety of species. They are grown more often than others, as they are really sweet to the taste, children like it, and adults like it more.

What sweet varieties are recommended for children?

Children in food are picky, and making them eat vegetables is almost impossible. But if you approach the issue correctly and give the child an initially sweet carrot, he will understand that it is not only useful, but tasty and will be happy to eat it. So, what are the sweetest carrots recommended for children?

  • "Children's joy" grows well even with inexperienced gardeners. It tastes sweet, juicy, and contains a lot of carotene. Babies eat it simply fresh with great pleasure. Belongs to mid-season varieties, matures in 95-110 days. Root crops up to 22 cm in length, weight in the range of 120 g. Possesses good commercial qualities, has resistance to diseases. Can be stored for quite some time. Productivity of 7-8 kg / m. sq.
  • "Carotan" - one of the most popular sweet varieties of carrots for children. It contains a lot of carotene, from which the name came. During the period of ripening, the fruits do not accumulate nitrates in themselves, which distinguishes the variety from other species. For children, it is recommended by doctors and scientists. Fruit length up to 25 cm, weight up to 250 g. Productivity is high. Suitable for fresh consumption, cooking baby food, juices.

Photo of sweet carrots

  • "Sweet Tooth F1" fully consistent with the name. Root crops are sweet, juicy, they often put it in desserts, make pancakes, casseroles and similar sweet dishes. This hybrid belongs to the late. Fruits are small, 95-100 g each, have an orange-red color of the peel and pulp. Morozov is not afraid, it is stored for a long time.
  • "Children's F1" ripens in 150-160 days after the first shoots. It has cylindrical, smooth fruit with a blunt end. The mass of fruits up to 170 g. Carrots have a bright orange color, crisp in taste, juicy, very sweet. The core is small. Productivity is high, keeping quality is good.
  • Flakke It has neat, smooth orange fruit. The weight of each carrot is up to 200 g, the length is within 25 cm. The shelf is excellent. Fruits are juicy, sweet, with a high content of carotene. Productivity with good care reaches 10 kg / m. sq.

What are the earliest varieties of sweet carrots?

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Early sweet varieties of carrots are profitable to grow, as they have universal use and they are always in demand in the market.

  • "Children's sweetness" - sredneranny grade of carrots, cultivar "Amsterdam". The application is universal, but it is recommended to eat it fresh. The fruits are cylindrical, long or medium, 17-20 cm. Weight is from 90 to 200 g. The average yield is 7 kg / m. sq.
  • "Sugar finger" - ripens in just 50-65 days. Root crops in the form of a cone with a blunt, and sometimes a sharp end, smooth, beautiful, presentation. The length of root crops is up to 12 cm, the color is orange, the core is small. The flesh is distinguished by tenderness, juiciness, sweetness. As part of an increased amount of sugars and carotene, so the variety is recommended for fresh consumption, for children. Fruits do not crack, does not give color.
  • "Caramel" ripens in 100-110 days. Carrots grow medium length, weighing 90-170 g. The shape is cone-shaped, smooth. Carrot orange color, uniform. The taste is very good, sugary. Productivity to 4 kg / m. sq. Used fresh, for preservation, freezing for the winter. There is resistance to tsvetushnosti.
  • "Fun F1" ripens in 2.5-3 months after germination. The flesh is different juiciness, sweetness, orange. Root crops weight up to 80 g, sugar content up to 7.9%, carotene per 100 g 15.1 mg. Productivity of 8-10 kg / m. sq.

Growing carrots in open ground

The best sweet varieties of carrots for the garden

Not every carrot is easy to grow. In most cases, gardeners complain of curved fruit, low yields, poor germination of different varieties of carrots. In many ways, all these indicators depend on the soil and care, but a large role is played by the variety. Below are described sweet varieties of carrots that gardeners recommend and with which the least problems.

  • "Queen of Autumn" ideal for juice and any winter canned food. According to numerous reviews, the juice of this carrot without any sweeteners is very sweet, fortified, pleasant to taste. Root crops grow up to 30 cm, smooth, saturated, orange color. The core is small, the taste is juicy and sweet. Suitable for fresh consumption, it is also recommended for canning.
  • "Nantes 4" one of the most popular and common in the world of sweet varieties of carrots. The variety is early ripening, the first crop is harvested as early as 90-100 days after the first shoots. Productivity 6-8 kg / m. sq. Root crops grow smooth, beautiful, bright orange in color, weighing up to 150 g. The shape is cylindrical with a small tail. Planting Nantes carrots is recommended in light ground. The taste is juicy, sweetish, has a universal use.

Photo of sweet carrot seeds

  • "The Emperor" ripens in 4 months or a little more. Fruits grow long, weighing 90-100 g. It tastes juicy and sweet. The color is orange, the shape is cylindrical, the tip is slightly pointed. Carrots are dense, the core is small. It is stored for a long time, 7-9 months, during storage it improves its taste. This variety is not prone to cracking, resistant to most of the most common diseases of carrots. Productivity - 4 kg / m. sq.
  • "Beauty-girl" belongs to the type "Shantane". Ripens in an average of 3.5-4 months. The main feature is a long shelf life. Root crops of bright orange color, form conic, obtuse. Length up to 16 cm, weight up to 140 g. It is necessary to fertilize this variety very carefully. When using manure there is a risk of distortion of root crops.

These varieties should also be considered: "Maestro F1", "Bolero F1", "Favorite", "Nastena-sweet tooth", "Honey", "Gourmet".

Why can a carrot taste bitter?

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Even sweet varieties of carrots can taste bitter and have completely inedible pulp. But this is always an explanation. The causes of bitterness in carrots are few and easy to warn on time.

  1. Carrot fly not only spoils the taste of the root, but also its appearance. In order to solve the problem, it is necessary to spray the plants in time at the first signs of the appearance of a pest. Affected roots should not be eaten, they should be thrown away.
  2. When growing the second generation of carrots from seeds collected from F1 hybrids, the resulting fruits completely lose their maternal qualities and may have bitter, dry pulp.
  3. Any fungal diseases spoil the taste of root crops and their external qualities.
  4. Solanine can accumulate in root vegetables for as long as its tip (part of the root) is visible on the surface of the bed. This substance makes the roots bitter, and in large quantities is dangerous for the human body. Therefore, as soon as the top of the carrot root begins to appear on the surface of the bed, it should be spud with earth.