The best varieties of yellow pepper


Yellow pepper varieties are not the sweetest, contrary to the opinion of many people, but they have many other positive features. The main advantage is the abundance of potassium, phosphorus and vitamin C in comparison with the red and green varieties. Also, yellow varieties are fairly easy to grow, and the demand for them is consistently high at any time of the year. So this pepper is very useful for the body and therefore valued among gardeners and chefs around the world. The best varieties of yellow pepper for open and closed ground with a description will be discussed below in the article.

The best varieties of yellow pepper for open ground

Most gardeners grow peppers in the open ground. This is due to the difficulties in building a good greenhouse and the peculiarities of working in it. But not every pepper can grow quickly and produce good yields in the open field. Below are the most resistant to the whims of nature varieties of yellow bell pepper, which among other things, are resistant to diseases and pests.

  • Golden Miracle has very beautiful yellow-golden fruits weighing up to 200 g. The shape is cuboid. Wall thickness 5-6 mm. In the open ground grows without problems. Temperature drops, unexpected precipitation for the variety is not a problem. Recommended for fresh consumption, in salads, appetizers. Productivity per square meter 4-5 kg.
  • "Golden domes" grown mainly in open ground, as even without a shelter, the plant gives a good harvest, up to 3.3 kg / m. sq. Ripening takes a maximum of 125 days, but in warm regions you can try the first pepper in 115-118 days. The shape is cuboid, smoothed, slightly rounded, ribbing is moderately expressed. The color is bright yellow, very beautiful. The variety is often grown for sale. Fruit weight up to 200 g, wall thickness 6-9 mm. Fruits are recommended for processing, because after freezing or canning, they retain excellent taste.
  • "Golden Key" Yellow pepper variety, ripens in 98-108 days. Bushes grow up to a meter in height. Fruits have a mass of up to 200 g, conical, elongated. The color of the peel is yellow, the wall thickness is up to 5 mm. This is one of the best salad varieties, very gentle, sweetish.
  • Golden Anniversary ripens in 150 days after emergence of shoots. Bushes grow up to half a meter. Fruits are spherical, flattened from above, diameter up to 9 cm, weight - 180 g, on average. The ribs of the fruit are visible only at the base. This variety is very tasty, juicy, fleshy, wall thickness up to 10 mm. Productivity within 4.5 kg / m. sq.

Also in the open ground you can grow such well-known hybrids and varieties of yellow bell pepper like "Gemini F1", "Gladiator" and "Yellow Bell".

Green pepper varieties for greenhouses

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Growing peppers in a greenhouse allows you to increase the yield of the variety, as well as provide the whole family with early high quality fruits. In greenhouses, varieties of yellow bell pepper ripen first, they give beautiful fruit, presentation, but, of course, only with proper care.

  • "Bagration" ripens in 100-110 days. This variety was specially developed for greenhouse cultivation. Suitable for greenhouses of any type. Fruits up to 200 g, cubical, ribs well expressed. In the period of full maturity they acquire a beautiful, yellow, "sunny" color. The use is universal. The main drawback is that sometimes the fruit bends slightly. There is good resistance to tobacco mosaic, verticillosis, apical rot.
  • "Barguzin" yellow variety of pepper for growing in greenhouses. Technical maturation occurs in 95-105 days, biological in 120-130 days. The bush grows up to a meter in height, the garter is recommended. Pepper of medium size 170-200 g, yellow, conical with weak ribbing, the number of nests - 2-3. Wall thickness up to 6 mm. Recommended for fresh consumption. Resistant to tobacco mosaic. Productivity within 12 kg / m. sq.
  • "Glowworm" - a variety bred for greenhouse cultivation. The first fruits can be tasted for about 130 days after germination. Shrubs grow up to a meter in height, have abundant foliage. For ease of picking fruits, it is recommended to tie bushes. About 1.6 kg of cone-shaped fruits are collected from each bush for the entire fruiting period, each weighing 100 g on average. The wall thickness is up to 6 mm, so the variety is more intended for fresh consumption than for processing.
  • "Oriole" - An interesting variety of yellow pepper, bred by Siberian breeders specifically for greenhouses. In the open ground it is grown only occasionally, and only in the southern regions. Gives consistently high yields, even with limited light and low ambient temperatures. Productivity - 11 kg / m. sq. Peppers ripen in 110 days. Bushes of medium height, about 80 cm, are not very sprawling, but the garter is recommended.
  • "Golden" ripens in about 125 days. It is grown exclusively in greenhouses, as the yield in the open field is almost always low, and the fruits grow painful. Bushes at a grade tall, the garter is obligatory. Fruiting stretched. Up to 13 kg of fruits are harvested per square meter per season. Pepper of medium size, up to 150 g, in the form of a trapezoid, the ribs are clearly visible. Color yellow with a golden sheen.

What kinds of yellow pepper are the most fruitful?

Productivity - the quality required for growing vegetables for sale or for a large family. It should be noted that the yield of various varieties can vary greatly depending on where the days are grown. So, in greenhouses, the yield of varieties of yellow pepper is usually higher than when cultivated in open ground.

  • "Yellow bull NK F1" has a very high yield. With proper cultivation in the greenhouse, you can collect 14-20 kg of fruit per square meter per season! This variety matures in 95-108 days. Fruits are large, up to 200 g, fleshy, very juicy, elongated shape, cylindrical with pronounced ribs. Variety is not susceptible to tobacco mosaic virus.
  • "Sunny Bunny" has an average yield of 8-8.5 kg / m. sq. Fruits are cone-shaped, dark yellow, after full ripening. Suitable for cultivation in open ground and in greenhouses of various types. The variety is mid-season, grows in a small, compact bush, does not take up much space. Fruit weight is about 200 g, the number of chambers is 3-4. Wall thickness 8 mm.
  • "Yellow Elephant" yields a stable yield with an average of 7.2 kg / m. sq. Bushes of medium height, not very sprawling. The fruits are very beautiful, conical, elongated with a sharp tip. The peel is dark yellow, shiny. Perchin's mass is about 150 g, the number of nests is 3-4, the wall thickness is up to 6 mm. Suitable for cultivation in open and closed ground. Used primarily for fresh salads, suitable for freezing.
  • "Golden Pyramid" - an early variety with an average yield of 6-7 kg / m. sq. The plant is not very high, the branches grow compactly, do not take up much space. Peppers weigh up to 105 g, yellow, the peel is shiny, the wall thickness is 8 mm. Ribbing is weak. The variety is stress-resistant, not afraid of sudden changes in temperature, cold snaps.

For high-yielding varieties also include varieties "Barguzin", "Oriole", "Zolotinka" described above.

Yellow Bell Pepper

The best varieties of yellow pepper for processing

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Yellow pepper varieties are often used for canning. They are also popular for stuffing, freezing, cooking stews, caviar, because slices of yellow pepper not only make the dishes healthier, but are also the best decoration for them. The grades described below have dense fruit walls, a beautiful Perchin shape, convenient for stuffing, and also do not lose taste and most of the useful substances during heat treatment.

  • "Bogdan" - ripens in 97-100 days. Fruiting is stretched, which allows the use of the variety for everyday, fresh consumption and for harvesting. It should be noted that in the conservation of pepper of this variety not only does not lose its taste, but even acquires subtle notes. Pepper belongs to large-fruited, the weight of one vegetable is 200-250 g, the wall thickness is 6-8 mm, the slices in the jar do not fall apart. Color is dark yellow. Productivity - 8-10 perchin / bush. Suitable for open and closed ground.
  • "Adept" It should choose gardeners who love to do the preservation for the winter in the summer. This variety matures quickly, in 108-113 days. Pepper has a cuboid shape. The peel is smooth, bright yellow. The weight of pepper on average is 110 g. The taste is excellent, during heat treatment does not deteriorate. Wall thickness - 6-6.5 mm. It is grown in open and closed ground. From each bush about 15-18 fruits are gathered for the whole season.
  • "Amber" A beautiful sweet variety of yellow pepper, ripens in about 112 days. Fruits are average in size, about 100 g each. 10-15 peppers break down from a bush per season. The color of the peel is dark yellow, more orange. Conical shape with pronounced ribs. Usually used for canning, this variety is very popular for cooking lecho.
  • "Star of the East Golden F1" grows up to 70 cm in height, the bushes are not spreading. Fruits are brilliant, yellow, prismlike. The average weight is 200 g, the wall thickness is 8-10 cm, which makes the variety ideal for canning. In the bank, the lobules do not fall apart; they retain their shape, as well as a pleasant, sweetish taste.