Description cucumber varieties Adam F1


Cucumbers Adam F1 are among those species that grow gardeners all over the world with a great desire. This is a really valuable and good hybrid, it has many positive qualities, and care is not a serious problem. Below is a detailed description of the hybrid cucumber Adam F1, and features of its cultivation.

Description cucumber varieties Adam F1

Hybrid Dutch breeding, early maturation, maturation occurs approximately 45-52 days after the first shoots. With one square meter you can collect up to 10 kg of fruit per season. Adam F1 cucumbers are grown in the open field and in greenhouses of different types. Parthenocarpic species (self-pollinated), which means that the pollination of insects is not required.

The bushes are of medium size, but it is recommended to grow them on a trellis - this will simplify the harvest. Flowering female type. Stems are not very thin, light green, durable. The leaves are dark green, large, but not many, so the fruit is easy to see on the bush when harvesting.

The bushes are of medium size, but it is recommended to grow on the trellis

Cucumber cylindrical, slightly ribbed, smooth, if properly care for them. The tubercles are very small, but there are many of them; there is light, white pubescence on the skin. Color is dark green, saturated, much lighter towards the tip. Sometimes on a peel there are light longitudinal strips. Weight of green leaves of 90-95 g, length 9-11 cm.

The rind is thin, and the pulp is dense. Seeds are small, almost not felt. The taste is very delicate, sweetish, pleasant, the flesh is moderately juicy. It is believed that Adam F1 cucumbers are among the most vitamin hybrids.

What are the advantages of the variety?

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What advantages have Adam F1 cucumbers?

  • High yield - 10 kg / m. sq. and prolonged fruiting.
  • Excellent product quality and transportability, which allows you to grow crops for sale.
  • It is resistant to cucumber mosaic, olive spot and pepelitsa.
  • Resistant to bad weather, even in adverse climates gives a good harvest.
  • The taste is excellent, the application is universal.
  • If the fruits are overexposed on a plant after full maturity, they will only swell a little in breadth, but not much. As for taste, it will remain the same for 1-3 weeks after full ripening.
  • It does not need pollinators, which means that even when grown in a closed greenhouse, the hybrid will yield a big crop.

    Taste is excellent, application is universal.

What are the disadvantages of the Adam F1 hybrid cucumber?

As for the shortcomings, many gardeners believe that Adam F1 cucumbers simply do not have them, and call the hybrid an ideal one. And yet if you look at the characteristics of the species, its cultivation, you can find a few nuances.

  • Bad seeds can get caught. But this does not depend on the variety, but on the producer, therefore, it is worth buying seed only in specialized stores.
  • Seeds from the hybrid are not collected, so from year to year they need to be purchased in the store.
  • The peel of cucumbers is thin and easily susceptible to mechanical damage, and this spoils the presentation and reduces the shelf life.

How to grow cucumbers Adam F1?

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To grow cucumbers Adam F1 can be through the seed or the seedling method. Seedlings are made about 1-1.5 months before planting in a permanent place, as a rule, this period falls on April, and already in mid-May, cucumbers are planted in closed or open ground. Transplantation to a permanent place is made when the seedlings have 3-4 real, full leaflets.

Seedlings make about 1-1.5 months before planting in a permanent place.

When grown by the seed method, planting material is sown approximately in the second half of May, when the earth warms up to + 14 ... +16 degrees. The seeding depth should be 2-3 cm. If it is too cold outside at night, each hole with seed should be covered with a cut bottle or you can simply stretch the film over the whole bed.

The scheme of planting seedlings of cucumbers Adam F1 or seeds 30x70 cm. The place of planting is extremely important. The variety responds well to fertile land, sunlight, heat. When planting in each hole, you need to make a little compost or humus and mix well with the ground to reduce the concentration, then the seedlings will be taken faster, and the seeds will germinate faster.

Caring for crops or planting is the most familiar to the gardener activities - watering, feeding, garter. The hybrid is worth growing on the trellis - it will simplify the work with the plant. It is necessary to monitor the condition of the land every day. It should not dry out, in which case, watering is carried out, but only with warm water infused in the sun, in the evening or in the early morning.

Mulching recommended but not necessary

Mulching recommended but not necessary. It simplifies watering, tillage. With mulch there will be less weeds, watering, fertilizing, and the crop will yield as much as without mulch or even more.

How to use cucumbers Adam F1?

After the harvest of cucumbers Adam F1 they need to be put somewhere. But what exactly is this hybrid used for? In principle, he does not have a specific direction. Numerous reviews of gardeners boil down to the fact that the hybrid is good for fresh salads and canning. The dense structure of the fruit does not allow for salting and canning to form inside voids. The cucumbers are ultimately crispy and fragrant.

It is also worth noting that due to the beauty of the Adam F1 cucumbers, their excellent taste, keeping quality, the hybrid is often grown for sale.

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