Hive dadan


For many years, the Dadan hive was considered the best and was used everywhere in the countries of the former Soviet Union, Europe and Asia. But not all beekeepers like it. Many say about the impracticality of the design and the inexpediency of its use. The characteristics of this type of hives, their advantages and disadvantages will be discussed later in the article.

Who came up with the evidence Dadan?

The first evidence with a vertical type of family location was created by the Frenchman Charles Dadan. It was from him and went the name of this type of hives. Being a professional beekeeper and amateur, he decided to improve eight-frame evidence, which he himself used in his own apiary, taking instead of the 8 available 12 Quimby frames (10,500 cells) to increase the productivity of the uterus. The system worked, and the evidence of the Dadanovsky type began to be used everywhere.

The first evidence with a vertical type of family location was created by the Frenchman Charles Dadan

But the Dadan system was brought to mind by another person - Blatt, of Swiss origin. He believed that this design is only suitable for the southern regions, but it cannot withstand the European frosts. Therefore, he changed the body, reducing its width. The result is a standard frame size of 435 mm (previously used 470 mm). The system subsequently began to be called "Dadan-Blatt", but in the people it is reduced to "Dadan". Now there is a trade brand DADANT famous for its products for the apiary.

But today, some beekeepers consider the system obsolete. To some extent it is. It was not improved for a long time (only the type of structures was changed), perhaps some kind of correction would not hurt. Still, seasoned bee breeders still note its convenience, simplicity and reliability.

Advantages of the Dadan Hive

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It is the advantages of Dadanov hives that made them popular many years ago and make them popular today.

Modified Hives Dadan

  • One case is enough even for a strong family.
  • Easy access to all frames.
  • Just deal with them. There is no need to move bulky buildings, if the apiary is equipped with a single-body Dadan hive.
  • In one place, and not in several, the abundance of honey is concentrated, which simplifies its collection.
  • The threat of swarming is minimized due to the type of construction.
  • Service life is at least 25 years!
  • Ideal for young, inexperienced beekeepers who have not previously engaged in anything like this.
  • In winter, you can deplete 2 families in one building just by dividing them with partitions.

The advantages include the fact that spare parts for this type of hive can be easily found on the market or in specialized stores. In addition, more modified Dadan hives are commercially available: double-hulled or single-hulled with several shops. The classic proposed by Charles Dadan is now used only by beginner beekeepers; it is not suitable for producing large quantities of honey.

In general, we can say that for insects the Dadan hive is an ideal home. They fully realize their potential needs in it. At the same time, the work of the beekeeper is facilitated.

Are there any drawbacks?

The design of the hive Dadan

Of course, there are drawbacks to the Dadanov hives, otherwise no one would complain about them. And the first is an outdated system, although here, most likely, we need to talk about the structures themselves, and not the system, since the latter cannot become outdated. Hives are really constantly improving, changing, becoming more practical for use by the beekeeper and the bees themselves. But the problem is that new models are not available everywhere, and the old ones have long outlived themselves. As a result, beekeepers often buy other types of hives.

Difficulties and causes overall frame. In a small farm, where there are few hives, this does not cause problems, but at large productions because of the laboriousness of the process, Dadanov hives are refused.

How to make a beehive Dadan with your own hands?

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Hive Dadana-Blatt can be built independently, not to buy, it is profitable, but requires skill and compliance with some basic rules.

The design of Danan single-body hive for 2 stores. Left section along the right - across the frame

  • Wood is needed with low resin content (linden, willow), but this is ideally, if there is no access to such wood, you can use any other.
  • To save money, you can buy wood residues, not good products, since the price of boards is too high - it is not profitable, it is easier to buy a ready-made hive.
  • Structures for 10 and 12 frames are made; each beekeeper is determined with this choice independently.
  • Dimensions in the construction of structures must be strictly observed!
  • In each beehive made by hand it is important to drill holes for ventilation with a diameter of 14 mm on average.
  • The last stage of work - painting "at home". To do this, use high-quality paint, preferably natural, without harmful chemicals, and well dried, ventilated before settling the family.

The hive Dadan will probably never become obsolete and will not be out of use. The designs are updated all the time, although the system remains the same. Some hives come out of use, others replace them, this is normal practice. The beekeeper is left with only one thing - to find a suitable construction for his own needs.