Description of Zaanensky goats


Zaanenskaya goat breed has a lot of positive qualities, due to which it is very popular for keeping on large and small farms, personal plots. Details about the quality, content and description of the breed will be described below in the article.

Description and characteristics of Zaanensky goats

Exterior of Zaanensky goat breed

A breed appeared as a result of folk breeding in the Zaanental Valley of the Swiss Alps. In the XIX century, fame caught up with goats, and they began to spread throughout the world. When buying a purebred animal, you need to know their description for sure, and it’s best to contact a reliable person, as people on the market are often deceived.

The animal is large, the backbone is strong, massive. In withers Zaanensky goats can reach 90 cm. Weight of an adult goat is within 90 kg, a goat is 100 kg. Legs strong, set straight. The goat's udder is large, pear-shaped, its nipples are well developed.

The head is narrow, the forehead is wide, massive. Ears are always set upright. Sometimes there are "earrings" on the neck - these growths are a distinctive sign of pure blood.

Pure Breed Maker

Color is always white, if we talk about purebred individuals. Small specks on a skin or an udder are allowed. The beard is almost all goats. True length of this beard may be different. Horns do not grow in all members of the species.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the breed?

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Most of all, the Zaanensky goat breed is valued for its productivity.

  • Breeders say that already at the first okokat a goat can produce up to 700 liters of product! And with the subsequent lambing, the productivity reaches 1-2 tons of milk per year! This is a high figure, especially since with an increase in lambing its productivity only increases. Peak milk flow occurs after 4-5 lambing. During this period, the animal gives up to 12 liters of milk per day.
  • The quality of milk is high, and the taste is pleasant, delicate with a creamy hint. It can be consumed fresh, made cheese, cottage cheese or butter. The fat content of the product is on average 4%. The indicator varies depending on the age of the animal, the milking period and similar factors.

    Zaanenskaya goat gives from 700l to 2t-milk per year

  • The lactation period in goats reaches 11 months. Moreover, even the most productive breeds give milk for about 9 months - this greatly increases the popularity of the species.
  • At birth, kids already weigh 4.5 kg, and their monthly weight increases by 4-5 kg. And although the breed is not quite meat, from it you can get high-quality goat meat. The truth is worth noting that the meat of goat meat is used exclusively from 3 to 5 months.
  • Animals themselves and milk have no unpleasant, specific smell.
  • Often used in the selection of new species.

As for the shortcomings, it can be attributed here except that the inaccessibility of purebreds in some countries and regions. When buying a breed on the market, you can be easily deceived, especially if the breed was not previously divorced in the compound.

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How to keep goats?

Zaanensky goats can be kept even in the harsh, northern Russian climate. They quickly adapt to new conditions of detention, are not afraid of weather disasters, although for normal existence and high productivity they will have to provide them with good care.

The amount of milk, the health of adults and kids, as well as the quality of meat is directly dependent on care. If in warm countries and regions, care is not a problem, in northern countries additional expenses may be needed.

Content Zaanenskoj breed goats

The main conditions for the content:

  1. plenty of fresh air;
  2. purity;
  3. The temperature in winter is not lower than +6, and in summer it is not higher than +18 degrees.

From these requirements you need to build on the arrangement of the barn for their maintenance, walking, as well as care, in general.

  • A shed for keeping and breeding should have a lot of windows, a good ventilation system, heating and something like an air conditioner so that it is not stuffy and hot in summer.
  • Grazing settles on a mandatory basis. But in the case of the breed it is not difficult. They can graze anywhere: ravines, mountainous terrain, plains, fields, and even gardens!
  • Cleanliness is a guarantee of the health of the goats of the Zaanen breed, therefore, cleaning is often carried out, as the floor of the stall is polluted, with different equipment. Feeders and drinkers clean daily!

How and what to feed?

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Feeding Zaanensky goats

Features of the diet that the breed prefers grass and hay only from legume-cereal grasses. Hay from the grass may refuse to use. On this basis, it is necessary to choose the place of grazing of an animal or to sow it specially in advance with similar plants.

In winter, as a delicacy, Zaanensky breed can offer brooms made from birch, linden, oak, willow. Grain is given only chopped, the whole is, they will not. Be sure to enter the diet bran, concentrated feed to increase productivity. Vitamins should be given in natural form: carrots, potatoes, cabbage, beets, apples. Purchased vitamins should be fed only to pregnant females.

Are there any difficulties in breeding?

Raising kids

The reproductive age of females comes to 8 months. But they should be covered only after one year of age. The fact is that young individuals spend a lot of life energy and resources on personal development, and the additional burden in the form of a kid can lead to the pain of an individual or future offspring.

In offspring 1-2 goat. At birth, the presence of both a breeder and a veterinarian is desirable, if not for helping a young mother, but for subsequent troubles (feeding the young, feeding the goats, watering and feeding the mommy, rubbing and warming the offspring and the like).

It is important to note that the first 5 months of kids grow very quickly. With high-quality content and feeding to the initial weight of 4.5 kg, 5 kg per month is added each month, that is, by 5-6 months they reach a weight of 30 kg. Truth then the weight gain is sharply reduced by 2.5 times.

It is noteworthy that the Zaanen breed of goats can give color offspring. Kids can be red, black, gray, spotty - any! And this is not a defect at all, but features of the species. Such kids are called Sable.