Red Scarlet Potatoes


Red Scarlet potato - a variety native to Holland. It has high quality characteristics, it grows in middle and southern latitudes, and at the same time is precocious. About its features, proper planting and care, storage and harvest will be discussed below in the article.

What are the external features of the variety?

As the name implies, the variety of Red Scarlet potatoes has a red skin, or rather a rich pink. Eyes have a depth of 1-1.5 mm, surface, yellowish or dark. The color of the pulp is white, less often yellowish. One of the advantages is that when cutting it does not darken in the air for a long time. The shape of the tubers is elongated, like an oval. All potatoes are smooth, beautiful, rarely come across irregular shapes.

The plant bush is low, upright, not very thick. The plant does not develop long. Corolla flower from pink to purple. The leaves are dark green, small.

Characteristics of the Red Scarlet variety

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Characteristics of Red Scarlet Potatoes

In the best way Red Scarlet potatoes live in a cool, humid climate. But if the terrain is characterized by high summer temperatures, droughts or low humidity, artificial shadow and frequent, abundant watering will help solve the problem. The formation of high ridges can also help.

  • The variety is early ripe; it takes no more than 70 days from planting to picking potatoes. Therefore, in some regions it is grown several times a year.
  • The mass of potatoes varies from 50 to 120 grams. There are tubers and more, but they are rare.
  • On one bush grows 12-20 potatoes of approximately the same size. Formed at the same time.
  • The average yield per hectare is 45 tons. The maximum fixed yield is 60 tons. If you collect new potatoes, you can get 25 tons per hectare. But these numbers can vary significantly depending on climate, planting and, most importantly, care.
  • Drought tolerance on a scale from 1 to 10 is 6.5.
  • Starch content is 10-15%, according to some sources - 15-17%.
  • Tastes are very good, potatoes are used in the preparation of various dishes, they are cooked in various ways. Often used to make chips and french fries. Also used in cosmetology and medicine.
  • Potatoes are quite dense, it can be transported over long distances - it does not spoil for a long time, it is well kept.
  • Sick not often, the variety is resistant to potato nematode, Yn virus, cancer, late blight of tuber, virus A.
  • During storage, the taste does not deteriorate, and useful properties are not lost.

How to plant potatoes?

Planting Red Scarlet Potatoes

Soil preparation is carried out in the fall. It is dug up, fertilizers are applied: peat or humus. Before the potato and after it, legumes are always planted on the plot.

Before planting, Red Scarlet potato varieties must be purchased and germinated. For this, medium potatoes are selected and left in a warm place. After a few days sprouts will appear, and when they reach 5 mm in length, you can plant the tubers.

Plant culture early in late April or early May. The pits are shallow - 12-15 cm with a distance of 70 cm between the pits. Rows do at a distance of 0.7-1.4 meters from each other. Calcium is introduced into the earth, it is enough to put in the hole of crushed eggshell or any available agent with its high content.

After the shell is placed potatoes sprout up. When digging holes in the next row, the previous holes are filled with earth. After this, the ground is leveled with a rake.

How to care for Red Scarlet?

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Red Scarlet Potato Care

The most important rules in the care - watering and loosening. Without timely watering, the Red Scarlet potatoes simply stop growing - it suffers drought, but not in the best way. And so that the moisture quickly reaches the roots, and in order to provide them with a large amount of oxygen, the soil is sometimes loosened.

After the emergence of sprouts plant spuds or simply planted in the ridges. In this case, the ridges or tubercles should be 10-15 cm higher than all other potato varieties. It is important to timely remove the weed, as well as collect the Colorado potato beetle or spray the plant from it. Culture is not sick often, but in order not to spoil the whole crop, it is treated as a prophylactic, yet it is regularly treated with fungicides and insecticides.

10 days before the digging of the tubers, the tops are cut and removed from the field, leaving only small "hemp" so that you can see where to dig. This is necessary to seal the rind so that the potatoes are better stored. This is done around July or the latest in early September, depending on the timing of the landing. The Red Scarlet variety is stored in the same way as other types of potatoes.