Planting garlic in the fall


Garlic is incredibly useful, but it is not difficult to grow it. Planting garlic in the autumn before winter is a very popular method of growing a crop, but gardeners differ on how to plant a plant and when. The article will discuss the subtleties of planting garlic in the fall.

When is garlic planted before winter?

Planting garlic in the autumn before winter, according to various sources, is carried out from September to the end of October. Such a long period is due to different climatic conditions. The fact is that garlic must be planted as soon as the earth begins to freeze. This time from year to year falls on different periods, especially if we talk about different climatic zones. Therefore, when planting you need to be guided not by numbers or months, but by the condition of the soil.

Garlic planting scheme

At a time when the soil begins to freeze, the nights should already be cold, but the days are cool, and preferably warm. Such temperature conditions will allow garlic to develop the root system, to harden in the soil, but will not allow it to germinate due to the low temperature of the soil. Garlic will stop growing before the first warm spring days and then its active development will begin.

How to choose a grade?

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Depending on the area and personal preferences, is selected and the type of garlic for planting.

  • "Ukrainian White" - does not allow the shooter, in the head there are 4-12 teeth. Differs in long shelf life.
  • "Lyubasha" differs in high frost resistance and is stored up to 10 months. The head is white with purple veins. In the head up to 7 large teeth (10-15 g).

    Winter varieties of garlic

  • "Spas" It has 7-9 teeth in the head. Resistant to nematode and fusarium. It gives a great harvest and is stored for a long time. Cold resistant.
  • "Messidor" - Dutch variety, does not rot, has a high resistance to diseases and pests. In the head up to 10 teeth.
  • "Jubilee Gribovsky" very sharp variety for an amateur, but proven over the years. Gives a great harvest, long stored, resistant to diseases. In the head up to 8 teeth.

Where to plant garlic and how to work the soil?

Planting of garlic in the autumn before winter is held in a certain, carefully prepared place. If the soil type or the place for planting is not suitable, the plant will either not grow at all, or it will give a poor, shallow harvest. So, where and in what land can you plant winter garlic?

  • The soil is selected light, fertile.
  • It is better if it is a hill in order to avoid stagnation of water. When there is a lot of moisture in the ground, the teeth begin to rot.
  • If the site is not the first year of the owners, and they know all the details about it, you should choose a landing site that will be covered with snow in the winter. Garlic makes frost, but even he can not survive severe frosts. A thick layer of snow will protect it from the cold and allow it to receive early shoots.
  • According to the rules of crop rotation, garlic takes root in places where legumes, pumpkin, cabbage or some greens were previously grown.

    Planting garlic before winter

Site preparation begins in August. It is fertilized abundantly (copper sulfate), loosened, it can be slightly raised to avoid stagnant water. After these procedures, you need to cover the area with a film until the planting of the crop begins.

When the ground begins to freeze at night, planting garlic is held in the fall before winter. It is better to remove the top layer of the earth, and to pour the lower layer with a solution of potassium permanganate for disinfection. If manganese teeth were decontaminated, then this procedure can be avoided with the ground. After that, the culture is planted at a distance of 10 cm from each other and 10-15 cm deep into the earth. Dental sprinkled with earth and lightly tamped with his hand.

After planting, you can mulch the land with peat or sawdust, but this is desirable in the extreme northern regions with very cold winters. In the southern regions, mulching will lead to premature germination of garlic.

How to care for planted garlic?

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Some gardeners do not take care of winter garlic at all, it grows well without that, but if you provide it with more comfortable conditions, the crop will be larger, larger and faster.

  • In winter, care is not required, and in the fall, plainly, nothing can be done, because seedlings are not visible. So all work is postponed until March.
  • After the onset of spring weeding is carried out. This should be done only when the first leaves have appeared on the surface, otherwise you can damage the vulnerable, thin stem. This procedure will allow oxygen to get into the ground and saturate the roots of the plant.

    Care for planted garlic

  • Watering is not needed regularly, only if the soil is very dry or the leaves are dry, yet in the spring there is a lot of moisture, so you should not overdo it.
  • The arrows should be removed, they consume too many nutrients, so the head of garlic, if present, will be small with small cloves. After removing the arrow, the top green will start to die off and this is a completely natural process.
  • Not interfere with the removal of weeds. They only take nutrients from the soil, so the smaller they are, the better for the culture.

When is the harvest?

Harvest the garlic when the top leaves are completely dry. But this should be done only in dry weather, so as not to harm the plant during the procedure. The heads of garlic are carefully dried, then the tops are trimmed, and the crop is stored in a bag for storage in a dry, ventilated place.