Planting tomato seedlings in the greenhouse


Growing tomatoes in the greenhouse is much easier than in the open field. But do not forget that the quality and quantity of the crop depends on compliance with the standards of care, as well as the correct planting of the plant. Planting tomato seedlings in the greenhouse will be described in detail below in the article.

How to prepare a greenhouse for tomato seedlings?

Before preparing the seedlings for planting, the soil is treated in the greenhouse, this is done 10-12 days before planting the seedlings. For this, the top layer (10 cm) is removed, if possible, and the bottom layer is treated with a solution of copper sulphate at the rate of 10 liters per 1 tablespoon. Such a solution will well disinfect the soil, thereby reducing the risk of disease in tomatoes.

After disinfection the land is fertilized and loosened. As a fertilizer, ash and humus will do. Depending on the fertility of the soil, you can use from 3 to 8 kg of humus and 1 cup of wood ash per 1 square meter.

Greenhouse for planting tomatoes

In 10 days, the wells are prepared for seedlings. This is done so that the ground in the holes has time to warm up. Cold land will slow the growth and development of the plant. And if it is more than +14 degrees Celsius, the roots will be easier to settle down. In a greenhouse for 10 days, the earth will quickly heat up, but if this does not happen, you can pour the wells with warm water before planting.

They are located at a distance of 40 cm from each other. The size of the holes depends on the type of tomato. Low-growing need holes 20 cm, and tall - 30 cm. The depth of the holes is standard - 15 cm. Between the individual beds it is necessary to leave a passage 50 cm wide, so that it is comfortable to walk.

The remaining preparations concern ventilation, light and heating. The last two are necessary only if the planting of tomato seedlings in the greenhouse is carried out in winter. As for ventilation, there should be at least two windows in the room. This is necessary so that the tomatoes do not “boil” in the greenhouse on hot days.

How to prepare seedlings for planting?

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Tomato seedlings

Ready seedlings are not recommended to dive into the ground immediately. Planting tomato seedlings in the greenhouse is made after it gets used to the aggressive external environment. Therefore, 2 weeks before planting it begins to harden. This is done very simply. In the room where it grows, a window opens from time to time. First, briefly, then for more time. The window leaf should be open even at night when it is cold outside.

Hardened seedlings will quickly take root in the hole, but in order for it not to suffer from diseases and pests at least for the first time, it needs to be disinfected. To do this, the plant is watered with 1% boric acid solution.

How to plant tomatoes?

Planting tomato seedlings in a greenhouse takes place on an overcast day or in the evening, since the heat can lead to wilting of the tomato. During the landing, if previously the earth was fertilized in the wells themselves, it is impossible to pour in fertilizer, otherwise excess nutrients will lead to rotting of the plant root system.

Planting tomato seedlings in the greenhouse

  • Water is poured into the hole, preferably warm.
  • A sprout is inspected - only the best seedlings are used.
  • While the water is not completely absorbed into the ground, is planted in a mud well.
  • After planting, tomatoes are not watered on top, otherwise a crust will form on the ground.
  • Under each sprout, the soil is slightly compacted and dry on top.
  • Watering is not necessary often - as needed, when the earth dries out.
  • If some leaves touch the ground, they should be cut off. Only this is done in the morning, so that in the evening the wound will dry.
  • Seedlings of tall tomatoes, as a rule, are high already in the early period of development, therefore it is recommended to be tied to the posts immediately when planted.

Now, from time to time, the earth is loosened, the weeds are removed, and the greenhouse must sometimes be aired. If you adhere to at least the minimum standards of care - the harvest will not take long to wait.

What experts advise?

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Taking into account some simple tips, it is possible to ensure fast rooting of the tomato and a high-quality harvest in a short time.

Formation of a tomato bush

  • Tomatoes are much more likely to get sick if they are planted in one place for two years in a row.
  • Best of all seedlings tomato survives in sandy or loamy soil. If this is not the case, you can do any other, only need more fertilizer and care.
  • In order for the plant to settle down faster in the greenhouse, it is recommended to cut off two lower leaves of a tomato before planting.
  • Low-growing varieties, as a rule, are planted in a checkerboard pattern so that the distance between the individual tomatoes is about 40 cm. If they are planted with a tall variety, they are also planted in a staggered manner, but with a distance of 60-70 cm between the seedlings.

Sometimes the planting of tomato seedlings in the greenhouse is carried out by means of Kazarin and vaccination methods. The first implies almost horizontal planting of the plant in order to develop a good root system. The second is to plant two plants of seedlings in order to get a massive, developed root. It is important to note that these methods need to be used either for individual (1-2 pieces) tomatoes to practice, or under the supervision of a person who knows them, otherwise there is a great risk of loss of the crop.